The Division 2 Open Beta Download Size, Patch Notes Revealed

The Division 2 Open Beta Download Size, Patch Notes Revealed
The Division 2 Open Beta Download Size, Patch Notes Revealed


The Division 2 open beta release date is March 1 and will last until March 4. In the run up to this, Ubisoft has released a host of patch notes and an update for those with the private beta files. The Division 2 open beta download size on its own is around 46GB for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. If you already have The Division 2 private beta installed, it carries over with a 12GB update. This increases level cap, adds an extra mission, an extra skill to unlock, and lets you adjust the difficulty as well for normal and endgame missions. Here’s what you need to know.

The Division 2 open beta patch notes

  • Increased level cap to level 8
  • One extra mission is available to play
  • One extra skill can be unlocked
  • Adjusted difficulty on normal and end game missions
  • Repaired mission access to explosive room
  • Released one NPC stuck behind gate
  • Reduced Call for Back-up spam
  • Minor sound issues were repaired
  • Improved NPC animations

For those missing fearing that The Division 2 may be totally alien to fans of the first game, Ubisoft claims that certain parts of Washington DC will feel familiar.

“You have big open areas, you still have residential developmental areas that are ‘close to Manhattan’, except for the height – those areas will feel familiar,” said Ubisoft Associate Creative Director Chadi El-Zibaoui to Gadgets 360. “Then you have the government areas with massive buildings. Each of those areas have different layouts, but the thing that is most interesting, and brings the most to the game, are the huge open areas.”

El-Zibaoui believes the advantages to having wider, open play spaces ensures greater tactical agency on behalf of players as well as an expanded and diverse set of Dark Zones.

“There are many more ways to approach [a situation]; it’s not just a case of turning a corner and facing enemies,” he said. “This also benefits the three Dark Zones, which are very different in terms of level design. The biggest advantage of Washington DC is the variety we get just by recreating the city.”