Facts About silicon wafer dicing

Facts About silicon wafer dicing

This is a process of separating the die from the semiconductor wafer by way of various means. The main ways that this can be performed are counted as three.

The first method is called scribing, whereas a thin “notch” is cut into the silicon wafer and then the piece is broken off. It can also be sawed off with a mechanical saw. The third method is to cut it with a laser. Each of these methods is very crucially calibrated to make sure they retain their necessary precision and exactness.

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After the chips are diced, they are encased in specialized holders so they can be transported and placed into any one of a number of consumer electronics. They are usually held in place with sticky material called wafer tape. It is this tape holding the wafer into a set and secure location so there is no chance it falls away and can be worked on.

There are a number of different types of tape, those being UV and non-UV. Once the wafers are diced, they will be placed upon a circuit board where they are then put into great use. Cutting the silicon wafers in this manner is a great boon to the electronics industry. The die will then have to be extracted by special equipment that will handle it very safely so that it does not get broken or damaged during the removal process. All of this requires great skill.

As you can see there are some very unique and interesting ways in how silicon wafers are actually manufactured. There is a great number of reasons why they are done this way, all of which have been gone over. This should give you something to think about the next time you are using your favorite electronic gadget for entertainment.