iOS 12.1.2 Update Causing Cellular Data Connectivity Issues, Several Users Report

iOS 12.1.2 Update Causing Cellular Data Connectivity Issues, Several Users Report
iOS 12.1.2 Update Causing Cellular Data Connectivity Issues, Several Users Report

Apple last week released iOS 12.1.2 with bug fixes for eSIM activation on the iPhone XR₹ 74,699, iPhone XS₹ 94,274, and the iPhone XS Max. That update was also promised to fix an issue impacting cellular connectivity on the 2018 iPhone models in Turkey. However, it now emerges that instead of fixing the connectivity in one region, the latest iOS update has started causing cellular data problems for users across the globe. A large number of users have reported their cellular data connectivity has been affected on their iPhone models after installing the iOS 12.1.2 update. The affected users have posted the issue on Twitter as well as on Apple’s community forums.

The iOS 12.1.2 update was pushed to all the iPhone models running iOS 12 and later early last week. But with more and more users upgraded their devices to the latest version by the end of the week, a large number of user reports highlighting the data connectivity issue surface online. “Since updating my iPhone to iOS 12.1.2, I can’t access cellular data [sic],” one of the affected users living in Germany tweeted on Saturday. The same update also changes the app force close animation in China, it was reported.

“My phone won’t connect to cellular at all after update to 12.1.2,” an affected user from North Carolina tweeted. Several affected users have also reported the identical problem on Apple’s community forums.

As Gordon Kelly specified on Forbes, the issue appears to exist across the globe. However, we weren’t able to spot the cellular data problem on any of our iOS 12.1.2-running iPhone devices.

Apple hasn’t confirmed the issue impacting cellular data connectivity. Nevertheless, the Apple Support Twitter account is reaching out to the users to understand the problem.

We’ve reached to Apple to get a timeline on the cellular data connectivity and will update this space accordingly.

It is interesting to see that the same iOS 12.1.2 update is causing the cellular data connectivity problem that was meant to address a connectivity problem on all the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max₹ 104,024 models in Turkey. Also, Apple mentioned in the official changelog that the latest iOS update included bug fixes for eSIM activation on all the 2018 iPhone models.

Notably, Apple late last week also reportedly re-released iOS 12.1.2 with a new build but with no noticeable changes. It was said that while the original iOS 12.1.2 had build number 16C101, the company pushed the update again on Thursday (in the US) with build number 16C104.