What Causes Electrical Failure In Equipment?

What Causes Electrical Failure In Equipment?

Most industrial and manufacturing equipment of today has vital electronic components that depend on a healthy electrical supply to stay in operation. Below are a few reasons you can experience electrical failure in your equipment.

Short or Electrical Malfunction

Crimped wired, losing protective coating, improper grounding, and other electrical wire malfunctions can lead to failure of your equipment. Infrared inspections is one way to better predict if you have a problem that will lead to a complete breakdown or electrical failure. You can better plan for getting necessary repairs done before something drastic goes wrong.

Unexpected Power Surge

An unexpected surge of power through the electric lines can cause serious damage without any warning. It’s not a predictable problem and will require immediate repairs. It’s a good idea to have an inspection on all equipment still operational to determine if any damage was done.


Constant use of equipment can make it age prematurely. If equipment is used for more than one standard work shift, the need for repairs will be double that of normal use. Close monitoring of the health of the electrical systems is essential. You should establish a regular routine of infrared inspections.

Age and Lack of Proper Maintenance

The older your equipment gets, the more likely an electrical problem will show at some point. Not following a regular maintenance routine can place your entire operation in jeopardy. Stay aware of the age, use, and condition of all your electrically operated equipment. Seek qualified repair technicians at the first signs of problems.

Overheated Wiring

The electrical wiring of your equipment can become overheated for many reasons. Extended use, age, malfunction, overheated environment, friction, and more can cause a serious failure in operations. infrared inspections done on a regular basis can help monitor the health of your electrical systems and better predict impending repair needs from areas that are suffering from possible heat damage.
Electrical failure is one problem that can bring your manufacturing and industrial processes to a complete halt. Stay on top the condition of your electrical system using the services of infrared inspections.