A Machine For A New ‘Space’ Age

Most people have watched a movie that is set in the distant future, and is replete with fascinating machine designs. Some of the most fascinating are related to medical services. Just think about how inviting Dr. McCoy’s sick bay was on Star Trek. These machines exhibit two main qualities. The first, is absolutely efficacy. The second, is absolute comfort.

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Present Need

Some of the world’s most helpful present-day medical machinery have amazing capabilities, but are lacking in the area of ergonomics. In particular, the standard MRI machine leaves a little to be desired in the way of advanced comfort. Most people shrink at the thought of spending up to 45 minutes lying supine and motionless in the recesses of a cold and dark tube. Though the pictures that MRI machines take are important for diagnosing conditions and saving lives, they also contribute to a bit of claustrophobia. No two people are shaped exactly alike, but all people must endure a certain body configuration when undergoing an MRI scan.

A New Spacious Frontier

Select medical fields are now introducing the use of open MRI designs. These wonderful and thoughtful machines are truly helping humanity experience the ‘space’ in what it means to be space-aged. Instead of a confining tube, an innovative open MRI machine features a comfortable platform that fits any body shape and size. The scanning components are based on circular patterns and ultra-ergonomic contours. It’s a bit strange to picture, but think of a human body as a coffee decanter sliding into a luxurious and robotic automatic coffee maker. Yes, it is that easy (and almost as satisfying). These MRI designs are helping to eliminate the typical spacial and emotional troubles patients experience during medical scans.

The next time an MRI is needed, a person would do well to find a medical facility that houses an open MRI device. The scans are immaculate, constant relaxation is achieved, and there are no limits on body types. It’s not even required that a person be a Sci-Fi fan to benefit from them. Open MRI devices are putting humanity one step closer to a futuristic ideal.