Weight Loss Therapy

Growth hormone or HGH is regarded as a peptide hormone for stimulating growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration. Growth hormone is very important for human development. GH can reverse the clock for you making you build muscle fast, lose weight fast and increase libido. Growth hormone is a stress hormone to raise the concentration of free fatty acids and glucose. It is responsible for stimulating the production of IGF-1. A recombinant formula of HGH is used as a prescription drug for treating children’s growth syndromes and adult GH deficiency. Physicians now mainly prescribe GH to increase vitality as it upsurges fat breakdown to supply the users with more resistance.

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HGH injections

The most common treatment for growth hormone therapy among the children and the adults is using lab-developed growth hormone injections. The injections are designed to supply the users’ body with the behavior of the natural HGH. The injections are reconstituted with bacteriostatic water and the dosage is managed several times daily or weekly depending on the deficiency. Treatments often continue for several years also and patients visit their doctor to check their condition. Based on the blood test the physician decides whether the patients need extra growth hormone or not. The physicians also decide the treatment levels, like it should be increased, reduced or stopped.

The doctor also checks blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and bone density to see if his patient is healthy. Taking GH also affects patients’ response to insulin that controls blood sugar levels. Lack of GH in the body can result in brittle bones and high cholesterol if not treated properly. Treatment of growth hormone deficiency depends on the patients’ tolerance level for a particular treatment, age, degree of the condition, treatment expectations, medical history and his overall health. If the children are treated earlier then they survive a better change to a near-normal height. Children can increase nearly 4 inches of their height in the initial 3 years of treatment.

Serving other purposes also

Growth hormone injections are extremely popular for nonmedical usage also. Athletes and bodybuilders use the injections for greater muscles, increased stamina, and more energy. Normal people too look forward to the injections for increasing their energy and to fight the decline of muscle and bone mass that is natural with age. The injections should be strictly recommended by a physician as an overdose of growth hormone badly affects the skin and the built of people. In addition, children and adults should largely focus on things like balanced diet, plenty of sleep and a useful exercise for a proper outcome.

It is vital to know about the safety of the injection for reducing the adverse risk of side effects and to improve the efficiency of the drug. In numerous conditions, the injections require the composition of both water and the powder prescribed by the physician. The mixture is made like this. The syringe getsreconstituted with bacteriostatic water and then the pre-measured water is put into the vial enclosing the powder. The real HGH injection will be transferred into another syringe for the purpose of sterility and it is then injected into the patient’s body.