Top X Things You Do Before Launching Your App

Top X Things You Do Before Launching Your App

Always follow the pro in the business, when you have entered into the world where you are newbie yet want to start up your App then you should find your mentor and follow his leads and tactics because he is a pro and his or her tactics work.

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The major company Apple launched their iPhione 3G and solved over 1 million devices in a week of its inception, and their iPads were over 300,00 units within a week which is quite amazing.

And I believe you can. While Apple’s reputation and sometimes-rabid fanbase obviously play a large part in the success of their launches, there are also some strategies virtually any company can employ to make their product start a huge success:

I am well aware of that the Apple Inc has a loyal customer base, and they buy what the company has to offer. However, the story for a new brand of the different category is opposite.

But that doesn’t determine that your brand cannot achieve that sort of success.

Know Your Audience Needs

Before you start your app, do a better research and find out what the users are looking for and see how much they can pay for that service. If your android application has some problems people will surely review before the reviews section, you can kick start the business by buying quality reviews and ratings.

It is important to prioritize the needs of your users than what you have got for the people. Do not talk about the things which are already in the market. things what you have got.

Add Revolutionary Options

When an app takes things to another level, people get more excited to try out new options, which has not introduced to the app market. The more interesting things you add, the more chances of your app success increased.

It may be safe to say that; not many companies have the reach like Apple Inc does, but there are certain tactics any small time company can use to promote their apps in a way they can impress most of the clients and the new users.

Start a Beta or Free Trial

Before you release the app, find out what kind of reactions you get from the users, and this will also help your app to get more fan base when you start the marketing.

Learn from the Major apps like Prisma App, which is a new app yet has now hit more than a million downloads in just a few days of the launch on Google Play Store.

What I have learned from the Prisma App that the developers focused on one platform and gave their best shot at it. The Prisma App has made it’s way to the limelight and successfully gained a mass amount of fan base before the launch on Google play store.

The Prisma App developers focused on the iOS platform and launched the app on the iStore and served the iOS users. There is no confirmation on why the developers are chosen to release the iOS version first, not the Android. There is no official statement from the developers.

The developers have put their hearts out and made a way to the limelight, and after they are done with the iOS, they have started to revolutionize on Play Store and guess what they reached over a million downloads in just a week of the launch.

Prisma App Strategy

  • Added revolutionary features and concept.
  • Advertise before the launch.
  • Focused on single but the primary platform (iOS).
  • Once the App attained that fanbase, they moved on to the other platforms, starting with the Android.


When you do not know where to start, why don’t you start with the successful people in your business.