9 Easy Tips to Reduce Tech Debt

9 Easy Tips to Reduce Tech Debt

Lowering testing time and obtain faster feedback via automation. Look out the other advantages of Parallel testing. In order to reduce tech debt, engineers should also acknowledge the significance of continuous alignment and refactoring. Lowering tech debt is a crucial factor of refactoring. Check out the tips for lowering technical in your software possessions:

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  1. Reduce jobless definitions of key domain objects like contradictory and competing definitions of similar domain object in related applications.
  2. Lessen same solutions for little differing business procedures and rather draft common procedure flows.
  3. Relax intensely coupled amalgamation/ transmit logic with business logic
  4. Render constant planning for the execution of cross cutting concerns.
  5. Change your tactical executions for an issues which has a better open source solution
  6. Get rid of redundant methods for the management of configuration info
  7. Complement several, incompatible interfaces and organize them perfectly for domains
  8. Reduce extra coupling with a specific technique or implementation stack
  9. Lastly, design a full0fledged automated tests suite


Some other tips which could help you pave your way out of tech debt includes:

  • Clear out a little debt in every iteration

As you need EMIs to clear out a big loan sum, you require ERIs i.e. Equated Release Installments) to clear technical debt. All you got to do is keep aside a little portion of your earned income in all iteration to concentrate on the payment of entities first. Entities majorly stand for file, class or component related your software production.

A tech debt is majorly affected by debt instances from other spheres like designing. It could be possible that few changes in the designing code could make it testable and lower the tech debt to a big extent. Hence, rather than trying to make the complete repayment in one go, endeavor to repay it with an entity. This procedure is known as horizontal debt payout.

  • Organize and efficient engineering team

The Engineering team at Twitter states that development procedure can be made more effective is the right people are used to work on a product and its development. With an extensive effort of the team, company can tackle tech to a big extent. Technology debt compounds with time. It is good to have few good engineers rather than collecting hundreds of novices and amateurs.

  • Incentives and rewards helps the team to maintain quality

Recognition, incentives and rewards motivate everyone in a company along with the development team. Rewarding people in your tech tam could be a great idea of managing tech debt. Evaluating the bugs fixes are a part of their performance, remunerating your development members motivates a team to pay more attention and render top quality working code.

Undoubtedly, Code quality is a perfect strategic weapon against high tech debt. Rewarding your dev team is very important. It will motivate the other employees to work harder. The management could reward you on the basis of mastery, objective or autonomy. Click here, if you wish to know more on how your team can effectively reduce tech debt.