6 Things Which Your Elder Sibling Has Done For You

You have always been complaining that your elder sibling is a real beast because you parents love him more than you and he has always been you parent’s eye candy. He is considered to be having the best manners and is always A+ on everything that he sets out do, be it studies, sports or any other thing. He is the one who never takes alcohol, never even ends up late night partying and God forbid! There has been absolutely no mention of dating. But you are oblivious of the things which you brother has done it for you.

Your parents were always strict with your eldest sibling. It is because of the strict rules that they have set out in the beginning which gradually tends to mellow down gradually till the time you are born. Hence, you have never seen your brother having fun be it dating or something like flunking in exams.

Brother Sister Bond

No matter whether it was because of the glass which was broken with the latest shot that you had played, your elder sister was held responsible for it. If you flunk the exam, she had to hear scolding from mom and dad because they thought it was your sister’s responsibility to make sure that you study during your exams.


If you are yearning for a better cellphone than your elder sibling your wishes will be entertained by your parents because they don’t want to get into an argument with you and at the same time they automatically tend to lend a patient ear to what you have to say. They don’t consciously do it but it just happens.


Your elder siblings have done things on their own. They have never taken help from anybody and the mistakes that were committed by them which landed them up in a reasonable career, job and house will not be repeated in your case. Thus ensuring that you have the best of the things with you.


As older siblings, you tend to set higher standards for your younger siblings just to teach them that how one should have standards. No might have done it for them, hence they were always underperformers. But they felt that the same shouldn’t happen with you.


Generally, it is the older sibling who wouldn’t say a straight ‘No’ to anything that their parents have asked them to do and therefore, older siblings are generally asked to do all the grumpy work which you wouldn’t have even thought of doing in your dreams.


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