SMS Coupons: Top Reasons To Start Sending Coupons Via SMS

SMS Coupons: Top Reasons To Start Sending Coupons Via SMS

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, in order to sustain and thrive you must present your clients with something special and extraordinary. And, businesses have found out that nothing can beat the excitement and the type of response that coupons and vouchers create. It is great to receive something for free or at amazing discounted rates once in a while.

People love to receive coupons and vouchers that can assist them save money and providing offers to  clients is an effective way to create a positive business presence. However, when it comes to giving out coupons, ensure you choose to send SMS coupons rather than paper version and here are a few reasons, why:

SMS allows discounts to be made immediately

One of the greatest benefits of using SMS marketing is not just the high read rate (almost 98%), but the read rate within fifteen minutes of delivering (over 90%). This attribute of text messaging gives retailers, restaurant owners and any business who wants to reach targeted customers fast, the ability to make and send offers in a few minutes. Let us suppose you run a restaurant and the weather report indicates it to be a windy day/night on a very busy weekend night. To avoid a cut in business you can effortlessly send an offer that morning- “Don’t let the winds stop you from enjoying our today’s special offer- order one entrée and get another for free!” Unlike paper version of coupons, which need to be prepared well beforehand, text message coupons can be made at any time and meet very time-sensitive, particular marketing requirements.

SMS coupons are cost-effective and easy to launch

Earlier giving out coupons meant investing in hoardings or using expensive direct mail strategies. Email are economical than direct mail, but they take a nice amount of time to build and manage (not to forget a huge number of emails are never read). Sending bulk SMS is a lot more pocket friendly as there is no printing cost or distribution cost involved. Also, smart messaging service are reasonably priced.

SMS coupons can bring new client traffic from traditional media

In general conventional marketing channels look like this to clients- “We are glad to announce the launch of our new services/products. For more details visit our website”. Brand recognition is essential, but capturing your client’s interest is also crucial. Consider this-“We have an amazing new service/product, text now to get 20% off”. Then, a few days later when the client may have forgotten your service, you can send them a reminder via SMS- “Last few days to avail your 20% off”.

Redemption rates of SMS beat all other techniques

Possibly, the most significant outcome of a coupon is its redemption rate. If the client doesn’t redeem the coupon, you won’t be able to increase the revenue. As bulk SMS Services have the maximum read rate of any type of business marketing today, vouchers sent through text message are more often redeemed. Not just your client is more aware of the voucher, but it is also very difficult for them to forget it at home.

So, bid  goodbye to those printed coupons and vouchers, and start sending coupons through SMS to increase redemption and ROI.