Creative Book Gadgets For Book Lovers!

If you are a book fanatic, you are bound to love these gadgets:

Nap massaging bed rest

Are you wondering what is nap massage chair doing in this post? Well, ask book lovers what is the biggest struggle they relate to while reading books and you will get “pain in back” as the most popular answer. Reading a good book is so addictive that most people find it hard to put it down and end up causing pain in their backs and hands because of holding it continuously. A nap massaging bed rest will make reading books a truly pleasing experience. It has been designed in such a manner that it fits any bed properly and also supports all body sizes and shapes. It even holds LCD light to throw light on your book. How awesome is that!


Prism glasses

For book lovers, no day is ever complete without having read a few pages of books. But what happens when they are too tired and want to read a book while laying down? It can be a challenging task given the fact that eyes start to pain and hands get tired from holding the book. Enter “prism glasses” into action! Wear these glasses and save yourself from trouble while reading a book when resting on bed. These prism glasses are equipped with lie-down periscope glasses to simplify things for you.


Kindle paperwhite

How many times has it happened that you wished to carry 3-4 books with you every day and rotate between them during your commute time? I am guessing that the number might be too high to remember. Say hello to Kindle Paperwhitewhich can be your own portable library. Kindle paperwhite is an ebookreader via which you can get access to unlimited number of books. It is very light-weight in nature so that you do not feel uncomfortable while holding it even when standing. No more stuffing of books inside your bag with a Kindle by your side! Thanks to amazing Amazon coupons, you can now purchase it at discounted prices with the bonus of Cashback.


Walterdrake book pillow holder

It’s Sunday! You have a plan to take a mini vacation by getting lost in one of your favourite books. You lie down on bed and start reading the book. Only some minutes have gone by when you can feel pain developing in your hands as well as neck. Give them a rest by getting hold of Walterdrake book pillow holder. The adorable book holder will hold your book so that you don’t end up with tiring hands while holding the book.


Reading light lamp

Reading light lamps are a boon for people who want to read late at night without disturbing their partner or other situations which require on your part to read without causing problem for others. It will help you read comfortably without straining your eyes in the dark. Plus they are a great travel-friendly option as they are usually light-weight in nature. So you can carry these reading lamps on your trips too. By using eBay coupons present on CashKaro, you can purchase one at the finest deal.


Lightwedge original book Light Ocean

For those who only want light to be thrown on a book and not the surrounding areas, lightwedge original book Light Ocean is a fabulous gadget. You can clip it on the side of the bookso that it emanates light only on those pages of the book. With it, you can be assured of your entire room not lighting up. Isn’t it wonderful?


Hope these gadgets make it to your “To-buy” list and prove to be immensely useful for you.