Xbox One Elite Controller Gets A Release Date

Xbox One Elite Controller Gets A Release Date

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Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite controller is what gamers have been waiting for. It is a customizable controller that features bumpers, a textured rolling pad and hair-trigger locks. Many of the components can be swapped, so that allows users to customize the controller however they like. Up until now we didn’t know when this controller would arrive, but now we have a release date from the Microsoft Store.

Even though Microsoft has not made an official announcement yet, the controller was unveiled back in June. The official listing for the product on the Microsoft Store now shows a release date of October 27th. So we don’t have long to wait for this one. That’s next month.

There is also a listing on GameStop that has the same release date so we have every reason to believe that Microsoft is going to start shipping the Xbox One Elite controller on October 27th. The controller comes with four new paddle buttons on the back which can also be customized. You can also adjust the sensitivity of triggers and sticks and remap all of the controls how you want them.

Microsoft will release an app so you can customize the controller and the settings will be stored on the controller itself. It will cost you $149.99.