Thinking Cleaner Makes Your iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners Smarter

Thinking Cleaner Makes Your iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners Smarter

iRobot Roomba

If you already own a iRobot Roomba 700 or 800 edition vacuum cleaner, a new device called the Thinking Cleaner has been designed that adds a wealth of new features to your robot vacuum thanks to enabling a Wi-Fi connection to it.

The Thinking Cleaner system has been created by Thinking Bits and comes complete with a free companion application that is available on both Android and iOS devices to control your iRobot Roomba remotely.

Its developers explain a little more :

The Thinking Cleaner WiFi module is the perfect addition to your iRobot Roomba 700/800 that adds WiFi capabilties to it. It can connect to your home or office network and with the free available app or web interface, the Roomba can be remotely controlled or scheduled. Because your Roomba is now connected to the Internet of things, it can also notify you of specific events.

So when Roomba has finished cleaning or when it is time to empty the bin, you can receive a push notification or email. If you own a smartphone Thinking Cleaner makes your Roomba even smarter and aware of it’s users. It can enable Roomba to adapt to your life by starting a cleaning cycle when you leave the house (geofencing), when it fits your calendar or when you remote trigger it. This way Roomba can clean autonomously.

The Thinking Cleaner for Roomba 700 or 800 WiFi module features include :

• Adds WiFi to your Roomba 700 or 800 for ultimate Roomba control.
• Comes in a sturdy replacement faceplate with all electronics embedded.
• iPhone® + Apple Watch, Android® and web based apps available.
• Remote control much more advanced than the standard IR remote control.
• Easy schedule setup from anywhere in the world. Up to 4 schedules per day!*
• Starts cleaning automatically when you leave your house or office.* **
• Get notifications from your Roomba world wide.*
• Max clean function (for large rooms).
• Multiple Thinking Cleaners are supported by the iPhone and Android app’s.
• Adds accessibility features for people with disabilities or people that need care by making full use of the Voiceover capabilities.
• Runs autonomously on its own CPU to enable full Roomba independent operation.
• Easy to link to home automation systems (API with documentation available for JSON or XML, several home-automation plugins developed by others or us available).
• Over the air firmware updates. Ready for future enhancements and features.*
• Works without router or modem reconfiguration.* 

Thinking Cleaner has launched over on Kickstarter looking to raise €85,000 over the next 43 days to take the concept into production and provide iRobot Roomba owners with a wealth of new features that were previously unavailable.