HTC confirms that a flagship Snapdragon 835 phone is coming this year

Fresh off reports that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 would be the first phone to launch with the highly anticipated Snapdragon 835, HTC wants everyone to know it won’t be left behind. Despite the upcoming release of a brand new flagship built on the older 821 architecture, HTC is vowing to deliver an 835 phone as well this year, possibly just months after the U Ultra’s u ultra pdp hero

When HTC unveiled its dual-screen, all-glass handset earlier this month, there were some questions as to why the company was opting to introduce its premium handset now rather than wait until the newer chips were readily available. In an interview with Tbreak, Chialin Chang, president of smartphones and connected devices at HTC, dismissed those concerns and said the release is part of a very specific strategy.

“When we will look back, it will be clear why HTC introduced (the U Ultra),” he said in a brief but wide-ranging interview. “We want to have a couple of months of leadership before the next flagship CPU comes. But that will be in another period of time—not at MWC. Not for us or any other player. I can tell you that for sure.”

Earlier this week, it was reported that Qualcomm’s latest processor would be making its debut in the Galaxy S8, and Chang’s comments seem to jibe with that. However, while HTC might not be at the front of the line to get its hands on the new 10nm chip, it will be sure to take advantage of it once it arrives.

“Every time there is a brand new CPU with power that we can leverage, we’re always at the forefront doing that,” Chang told the site. “When the next flagship CPU comes, HTC will be one of the very first tier doing that. … When the new CPU comes, HTC will have another flagship.”

A second top-tier phone would be a break from HTC’s usual release schedule, and Chang’s comments could serve to blunt the impact of the U Ultra, as would-be buyers wait to see what the Snadragon 835 phone brings to the table. But Chang is confident in the company’s strategy. “Some people are talking about the timing, but timing was determined 9 months ago. This is the best CPU out there.”

Additionally, the mobile chief briefly discussed Android Wear (there won’t be an HTC watch anytime soon), the Pixel (just “one aspect” of HTC’s relationship with Google), and Google Assistant (it will come when its ready). Chang also addressed concerns about the U Ultra’s relatively small 3,000 mAh battery, assuring customers that it “will get you one day” while discussing the fine line between form and functionality.

“We wanted to get a symmetric design and the trimming on the sides impacts the battery,” he said. “I admit, the bigger the battery, the better, but there’s always a trade-off with the design.”

 ‘Tis the season for Android smartphone rumors, but it’s rare to get one straight from the company’s mouth. And while it’s great news to hear that HTC will be getting on board with the newest chips as soon as they’re available, we can’t help but look at the U Ultra in a less flattering light now. HTC was already facing hurdles with the U Ultra’s lackluster battery and lack of headphone jack, but now there’s even less reason for people to plunk down $750 to buy a phone that might very well be obsolete before the end of the summer.

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French to fight fake news with backing from Google, Facebook

News organizations operating in France will open up a new fact-checking service, CrossCheck, at the end of this month. Their initial focus will be on covering the forthcoming French elections, but with a number of international organizations participating, the project’s reach could grow.Donald Trump

CrossCheck’s focus will be on identifying and debunking misleading news sites, photographs, videos, memes or comment threads.

The service is backed by First Draft News, an organization that offers guidance on how to find, verify and publish content from the social web, with support from Google (through Google News Lab), Facebook and news organizations including BuzzFeed News, Agence France-Presse (AFP), and a host of national and regional French newspapers.

The news organizations involved will help debunk false information, and use that work to improve the accuracy of their own reporting, First Draft said Monday.

But at the News Impact Summit in Paris on Monday, some speakers doubted whether readers appreciate such fact-checking initiatives in the coverage of politics.

Journalists tend to believe that candidates for office should not tell lies, and assume that readers share that opinion, said Yoni Appelbaum, Washington bureau chief for The Atlantic. “The audience may not share that opinion of what’s qualifying or disqualifying in politics,” he said. “One of the things the media gets in trouble with is bludgeoning its audience over the head with facts rather than telling stories.”

Matthew Ingram, a senior writer for Fortune, summarized that: “The more you argue, the less they trust you. The more you fact-check, the less they believe you.”

One reason for that, said Amy Mitchell, director of journalism research at Pew Research Center, is, “There are so many different definitions of what’s fake news, it’s so hard to agree on the basic facts, even when it’s data.”

That won’t stop CrossCheck and its contributors. These include French newspaper Le Monde, which has built a database of more than 600 news sites, Le Décodex, identifying them as “satire,” “real,” “fake,” and so on.

Facebook, one of the vectors for the kinds of information CrossCheck seeks to debunk, will also support the project, providing dedicated tools, explaining the verification process to its users, and keeping them up to date with confirmed and disputed information relating to the election.

It’s impossible to fact-check every piece of information published in the press or circulating on the internet, so CrossCheck will be picking its battles. It will use CrowdTangle to discover social media content relevant to the election, and Spike a tool developed by NewsWhip to predict which posts will go viral.

It’s not just about France: Bellingcat, one of the CrossCheck partners, will map patterns in misinformation as part of a wider project to map European elections.

And First Draft and Google News Lab have been involved in election coverage before, through the Electionland initiative to report on voter suppression in the November 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Intel packs a tablet chip from yesteryear inside New Balance’s new RunIQ smartwatch

You’re probably aware that the chip inside your smartphone contains more computing horsepower than the systems that helped launch a man to the Moon. Intel’s taken that in a slightly different direction: An Atom chip formerly used in smartphones and tablets now drives New Balance’s latest RunIQ smartwatch.New Balance runiq promo

Jerry Bautista, vice president and general manager of the New Business Group within Intel, said that the New Balance RunIQ fitness watch, which began shipping last week, contains a “Cloverdale Peak” chip inside of it. Specifically, that chip is part of the Z34XX family, Bautista said, which powered tablets and Intel’s smartphone efforts in 2014.

“Powered” is the right word. Intel claimed that the original Z34XX family for tablets and smartphones had enough horsepower to run Asphalt 8, a fairly sophisticated 3D driving game for Android, iOS, and Windows phones. If the RunIQ ran the full Android OS rather than just the more limited Android Wear, you might be able to play some pretty hardcore games on a smartwatch.

Intel has rapidly diversified beyond just a PC company, as chief executive Brian Krzanich likes to remind us at public events. A year or so ago, Intel was making waves with partnerships with Luxottica, Fossil, and Opening Ceremony for a number of stylish, smart devices. What’s interesting is that those devices were often powered by Intel’s Curie or Quark, small low-power edge processors Intel designed as the engines of the Internet of Things. New Balance went a different route, opting for Atom’s more powerful legacy and possibly trading off some battery life in return. Will Atom show up in other wearables, too?

asphalt8 2 1500

 New Balance’s RunIQ doesn’t necessarily look like a former smartphone chip is hiding inside of it, though the $299 fitness watch is decidedly chunky. Intel and New Balance ruggedized and waterproofed the watch to 5 atmospheres. Its battery life is rated at 24 hours, though just 5 with GPS tracking and its real-time optical heart-rate feature turned on. That’s considerably less than what smartwatches like the Garmin Vivoactive line offer, however—or even the Basis Peak, which Intel began manufacturing in 2014, later recalling it after a sensor problem.

Otherwise, the RunIQ watch can store your music with 4GB of onboard flash storage, then stream it wirelessly via Bluetooth. It can’t make calls, though it will display messages from a synced Android phone.

Behind its color AMOLED display, however, hides a surprisingly powerful Atom processor. According to Bautista, Intel repurposed and repackaged the Cloverdale Peak chip for RunIQ. The company isn’t disclosing the exact specifications of the chip, though the related Z3480 gives some idea: the Z3480 is a dual-core, dual-threaded chip, running at a whopping 2.13GHz.

“It’s a very, very capable platform,” Bautista said of the Cloverdale Peak chip. “Android is very, very snappy on this device. There’s no delay. It’s a very good experience.”

Bautista said Cloverdale Peak was a legacy of Intel’s efforts in the smartphone business, which struggled without an integrated cellular radio. In 2016, Intel drastically cut its Atom line, essentially exiting the smartphone business.

So how in the world did Intel shoehorn a smartphone chip into a smartwatch? “Well, the good thing is that we do have very deep packaging expertise,” Bautista said. “So for us, to take a piece of silicon, repackage it, move the I/O differently…is just something that we can do. And it gives more life to a product that is quite fine. Performance is great per watt. So why not? Why not just use that?”

Though Intel has seemingly prioritized Curie and Quark in recent years, Bautista said that Intel will pursue a hybrid strategy, repurposing older silicon like the Atom where it makes sense. Sometime, though, that’s not good enough. “In a number of cases, you do have to build purpose-built silicon from the ground up,” he said.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software For Data Restoring Needs

Computers and systems usually have a general problem called data loss. If the data stored in the computer are just for an entertainment then this doesn’t cause any effects. But if comes to a business or organisation point of view, losing the data cause some critical problems and issues. This is due to the reason that the particular organisation is in need of those lost information or data.

If the data that lost is sensitive information such as the data about an organisation, the data about the business transactions and some personal data then restoring is very much important. That time, data recovery software is used.


How data recovery software does help?

Recovering lost and inaccessible data and the deleted files are very important. The organisation is in a serious need to recover their lost data, if such data is their main source. In such cases, it is good to use data recovery software.

Mostly, data recovery software is used by the people to recover their lost data and files back to its original form. These data recovery software help the users to restore or recover deleted files and some other valuable information at critical conditions.

EaseUS recovery wizard

The EaseUS software is data recovery software which is used to recover or restore the data which is lost due to some unexpected situations. This software is definitely a good solution for data recovery. The users those who are using this software will get best data recovering experience in their systems.

This software delivers the excellent features for the data recovery purpose. The reason for using this recovery software is

  • This software’s trial version is available for free for the users in the online
  • That is this EaseUS data recovery software is error prone, virus free and plug-in free
  • This software is suggested by many number of people and it has over a millions of users
  • The users also feel best recovery experience while using this data recovery software
  • Another important feature of this data recovery software is, this software enables the users to preview their lost data before restoring the data

About Scan modes

EaseUS data recovery software free contains two scan mode features,

  • Quick scan mode and
  • Deep scan mode

The Quick scan mode

This scan mode allows the users to scan their system for the lost data in a quick manner. The users have to choose the location first they want to scan. After that, they have to choose the “Quick Scan” mode option. This will scan the selected location faster. This scan mode recovers the files which are recently deleted by the user or added to the recycle bin.

The Deep Scan mode

The advantage of deep scan mode is, it scans the entire system and search for lost files and data. If the users didn’t get their desired file in the quick scan mode, then they can use the deep scan mode. But this scan mode takes a little bit time more than the quick scan mode.

Locating the Best Parts for Your Air Compressor

Some air compressors can be very fragile. They can break down without warning. Therefore, you will need to know the exact location of where to get parts for your air compressor if you rely on it for your job. There are obviously many places where you can buy air compressor parts. However, you should never assume that all of these stores are the same regarding what they can offer you. It would be wise to not rush any purchases. Take your time and carefully inspect all of the places where air compressor parts are sold. It is only by doing this that you will ensure that you get the best bang for your buck. Here are a few other tips that will help you.

Image result for Locating the Best Parts for Your Air Compressor

1. Speak to people who use air compressors on a regular basis.

It does not take a genius to figure out that people who use air compressors will have a very good idea about the best places to buy parts for them. Therefore, you should seek out local businesses where air compressors would be used and talk to the owners. Ask these people what type of compressor they are using and where he or she buys the replacement parts when it breaks down. Mechanics use air compressors to inflate the tires of cars they are working on. You should go to some of the auto repair shops in your area.

2. Which manufacturers of air compressor parts are considered to be the best?

It would be a good idea to educate yourself about the various companies that make air compressor parts before you go shopping for them. This will help you to avoid buying parts that are produced by inferior companies that have a bad track record. For example, you might be interested in buying some air compressor filters. If this is the case, go online and see which types of filters have received the highest ratings from consumers. This will ensure that you are buying parts that are high quality and will last a long time.

3. Compare prices of online air compressor part retailers.

The Internet gives you a wide variety of retailers to choose from. Take a look at how much they are charging for their air compressor parts. You will also need to figure in the cost of shipping of you plan on ordering your parts online.


4 Diet And Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Let us have a look at some of the common nutritional myths which people face while striving to lose weight. Every one of us who is applying fat loss strategies wants quick results. People get different results even if they apply the same strategies. You can consult your physical instructor about using the stacks with Dianabol, Winstrol or Clen.

Let us check out some myths by putting them under the microscope.

Image result for 4 Diet And Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Myth: Eating fat will increase the fat percentage in your body

Reality: consuming fatty acids like triglycerides and omega-3 are essential for the survival of a human body. They are crucial in various cellular processes as well as in energy production. When you consume healthy fats they are oxidized and used by the body. It is same like carbohydrates. Your body will start accumulating fat only if supply exceeds the demand.

Myth: eat every 2-3 hours for high metabolic rate

Reality: initially this was believed that you are supposed to consume meals frequently to keep your metabolic rate high. In the present scenario there is a plethora of research studies which are contradicting this theory.

Fitness experts and nutritionist believe that frequent eating plan will boost your energy level. Let us understand it with an example. Suppose you have to eat a pizza throughout the day. Eat a single slice at multiple times of the same pizza will give you energy in splits; you can eat half of the same pizza at two different times for more energy.

Myth: eating carbohydrates at night will increase your fat percentage

Reality: this is because a presumption that carbohydrates elicit insulinas we are sedentary at night so consuming carbohydrates will result in fat stores.

This is not true that just because you have consumed some carbohydrates after 7 PM, your body will consider it as fat tissue and will store it. A study was conducted on rhesus monkeys which are genetically like humans showed that monkeys who were giving food at night could not gain weight. This was in comparison with those monkeys who were not eating at night.

Myth: fruits are full of sugar

Reality: it is just a coincidence that obesity is increasing and it is becoming an epidemic in the United States. Several researchers have shown that only 1/3 of Americans use the recommended percentage of fruits and vegetables in their diet. The absence of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet is also one of the reasons that they are turning to words packaged food items which are responsible for obesity.

Despite of having simple sugar in fruits, your body will digest it slowly that is why the carbohydrates present in the fruits will not spike insulin levels. Fruits will give you antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. You can opt for apples and berries which have a good amount of fiber and other essential nutrients. Always include fruits in your regular diet to get numerous benefits. You are not supposed to avoid them because they have are a couple of grams of sugar in them. Get proper information about stacks with Dianabol, Winstrol or Clen before opting for this.

Keep Your Company Going And Growing With These Business-Building Techniques

If you want your business to become increasingly successful, now is the time to implement savvy strategies that will generate the desired outcome. Three techniques that can prove particularly effective in generating growth include buying products online, utilizing public relations services, and building brand ambassadors. Learn more about each of these techniques by reviewing the following outline:

Related image
1. Buy Products Online.

One great way to keep your company going and growing is by buying products online. This technique will save you the hassle that would result from going into a physical store, dealing with salespeople, and waiting in long check-out lines. When you shop online, you’ll be able to avoid these hassles and select the office products you need from the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you’re interested in purchasing plastic moulded chairs online, you can do so through Internet retailers such as Rodo Industries Inc.

2. Utilize Public Relations Services.

In addition to buying products online, make sure that you utilize public relations services. These services are important because they will ensure that you can effectively communicate brand-related information to and through media representatives like journalists, news reporters, and bloggers. Some of the PR services you may be interested in obtaining for this purpose include:

•Media Relations
•Product Placement
•Content Creation
•Digital Placements
•Grassroots Marketing
•Media Round Tables
•Press Kit Creation
•Editorial Placement
•Partnership Opportunities
•Desk Sides
•Media Training
•Print Placements
•Award List Monitoring

3. Build Brand Ambassadors.

One final strategy that can put the company growth process in full effect is building brand ambassadors. This technique involves having your regular customers share information about your brand with individuals in their social networks. This could be a family member, friend, or co-worker. The great value of building brand ambassadors is that it functions as a form of word-of-mouth marketing. This form of marketing is particularly effective because the prospective customer will know that another individual has used your product or service line and found it advantageous in some significant way.

One great way to start building brand ambassadors is by hosting a contest and providing the winner with a promotional prize featuring your company logo on it. An example would be a t-shirt or coffee cup.


Business owners who want their organizations to thrive and grow should know that implementing strategies such as the ones listed above can help them make it happen. Use the techniques outlined in this article to keep your organization going and growing in an incredible way!

Eliminate or minimize corrosion in non-ferrous metals

Rust forms when ferrous metals like steel and iron oxidize. Oxidation causes industrial metal components to become weak and start to break down. Coatings can help prevent corrosion and rust on metals. These coatings are specially designed to prevent oxidation by protecting metals from water and oxygen; the two factors required for rust to develop. Zinc coatings shield ferrous metals from rusting. Zinc will be corroded before zinc coated metal parts start to rust. The protected ferrous metal part remains unaffected as the zinc coating corrodes. A process known as anodizing helps to eliminate or minimize corrosion in non-ferrous metals.
Image result for Eliminate or minimize corrosion in non-ferrous metals
Step 1
The first step involves cleaning the metal surface or parts. This helps to ensure that all dirt and other foreign substances are scraped off the surface of the metal before the coating can be applied. Dry the metal surfaces after cleaning. Some metals require additional preparation procedures after cleaning.

Step 2
Apply the coating on the metal surface. Some of the best coatings for preventing the development of rust on metal surfaces include grease and oil. These coatings provide an extra layer of protection that helps to shield the metal surface from water and oxygen. If you are coating an industrial component, be sure to apply coating on the component as well as all parts that come in contact with it.

Step 3
Apply primer and paint or a rust-proof primer. Primers and rustproof paints are normally used on large metal surfaces. The coating can be applied using vacuum coating equipment. Make sure the surfaces you want to coat are well prepared by removing any dirt, loose paint, or corrosion. Clean greased surfaces with trisodium phosphate or solvent as directed by the manufacturer. It is important to note that primers and rustproof paints cannot be applied to the surfaces of moving parts.

Step 4
Apply a rust-resistant resin on the metal surface. Resin come in a wide range of colors and provide durable rust prevention layer on metal surfaces. However, they are more expensive than paint.

Step 5
Apply zinc coating to chemically protect the underlying metal. You can apply zinc coating on metal surfaces by spraying or brushing. When rusting or oxidation occurs, the zinc will oxidize leaving the ferrous metal underneath unaffected. This process prevents weakening and corrosion of the ferrous metal.

Step 6
The final step involves anodizing the metal parts. Anodizing is a manufacturing process that is usually done on new metal parts and often carried out by professionals.

Top Notch Drug that Controls Appetite Dramatically

One of the prime reasons for the fat accumulation in the body is the ignorance of the common person about how much food to eat. When you are hungry, you eat ample amount of food more than what is needed for that time. Moreover, when you are skipping a meal, the craving is high to eat more. Do not give chances for that craving. Use Phentermine supplements that can control your appetite. That limits your food intake as well.

It means you eat optimal amount of food that is essential for the body. You have to do the right workouts to complement with the best effects with Phentermine. That is how you can reap the fullest benefits of the drug to cut down weight.

Image result for Top Notch Drug that Controls Appetite Dramatically

The drug Controls appetite!

  • Results are outstanding
  • Success Stories are motivating
  • Dosage must be optimal
  • Reviews are positive
  • Diet Pills for all

When you are doing enough physical work outs on a daily basis, and also eating the right diets, then there is good sleep for optimal number of hours, as your age demands. When you are taking in good food and adequate sleep on a daily basis, with physical and mental workouts, then you are sure to stay fit and agile under most of the circumstances. So, talk to the physicians now about the wellness needs for your own. They will know exactly on what is to be suggested to you without fail. When you are going to use the right diet plan and the right supplements according to doctors advice, then you are sure to get long-term benefits out of the routine stat you are following.

Now here comes in the differentiation between the organic occupation and the inorganic choices that come in between as well. Organic occupation means you are going to use the products that are good for health on the long term without causing any side effects at all and inorganic is opposite.

Pure Phentermine dosage

There is Prescribing Information available for the doctors to note down with a keen eye for details, before recommending any drug for any disease. Drug Description comes to the doctors from the pharmaceutical suppliers. Indications & Dosages related information is also mentioned in the chit. The medical representatives who visit the doctors to explain and pitch for their proposals also discuss Side Effects & Drug Interactions. The doctors do not overlook Warnings & Precautions here, though. They are particular about asking the details related to these safety aspects on top priority.

Over dosage & Contraindications, possibilities are discussed in the first place. This is the regulated norms of Clinical Pharmacology that is followed by majority of the certified doctors and the pharmacists. Reading the Medication Guide is vital.

Pure Phentermine (sofosbuvir and velpatasvir) constitutes one fixed-dose combination. That includes the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in main. In addition, you will find nucleotide analog NS5B polymerase inhibitor as another primordial component. HCV NS5A is the inhibitor. It is only used to treat the adults. It is highly recommended only for those patients who suffer from chronic HCV genotype 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 infections. That is the reason why the drug Controls appetite in many cases instantly.

When An Ancient Fitness Secret Starts Bearing Fruit

In the mountains of Africa, some of the local tribes protected a precious secret that is as ancient as mankind itself – an ingredient that can change the lives of several people for the better. It began to be used to treat wounds and ailments. It was discovered only years later that it could help many shed all that unwanted weight. Many began to notice the results and today, several people are talking about it.

Image result for When An Ancient Fitness Secret Starts Bearing Fruit

Juicy grapevine

When something works wonders for many, it becomes the talk of the town and word about it spreads faster than wildfire. Over the years, people have tried several methods of reducing weight but have been unsuccessful in doing so. Fret not! There is some juicy news that can send you spiraling into dizzying heights of happiness. Of course, before taking any further steps toward acquiring your new fitness secret, you would need to get a closure on it. Any Irvingia Gabonensis review found virtually can help you with this. While many people perceive these new and naturalweight loss methods as passing fads, they do not really understand how to make the best use of them. On the other hand, some will gladly share their positive experiences of these fitness products with you.Now, isn’t that the kind of love that is pure and divine?

Raw opinions

After using this ancient secret ingredient to fuel their fitness efforts, people started forming raw opinions about it. These opinions became more fully formed over a certain period of time and people began to analyze them before accepting them. Even though some people reported certain side effects after using the product, they stood corrected because they were informed that only abusing it can result in trouble and not something positive. In fact, people started expressing their opinions on virtual platforms from which one would need to discern the truths about the product. People who do not understand how the fitness products work would simply keep on bashing them. Let haters keep hating!

Ripe love

Love is ripe. It is pure and sacred. You can see it in many an Irvingia Gabonensis review in the virtual world that speak nothing but the truth. Anything other than that does not tell you what you actually need to know. Frankly speaking, every scientifically conducted study will indicate the effectiveness of some of these ingredients in assisting people with weight loss. Plus, there are several fitness freaks, who will readily testify to this. Would something that has been created with so much love just turn on you without any abuse whatsoever from your end? Even if you use extracts from a certain plant, the ingredients would still hurt you if you use them indiscriminately.Of course, you would need to reciprocate the love that the ancient fitness secret will be giving you if you would like to see positive results. In other words, you would also need to put in some efforts from your side too including exercising and sweating it out at your gym and not just gobble up some of these ingredients that come in tablet form.