Foxconn Is Looking To Apple To Help Buy Sharp’s LCD Business


Foxconn is one of Apple’s major manufacturing partners, there have been reports over the last year that the company is looking to get their hands on Sharp’s LCD business.

Now according to a recent report, Foxconn is looking to Apple for help in purchasing the LCD business from Sharp.

Foxconn are apparently seeking funding from Apple to buy the Sharp LCD business, this would apparently help stop a merger between Sharp and Japan Display which could possibly reduce Apple’s supply access and also increase costs for the company.

Sharp has rejected offers from Foxconn in the past and the two companies ceased their negotiations, but they may be opened up again if Apple gets involved.

It would make sensor for Apple to bankroll Foxconn in a purchase of Sharp’s display business as it would give Apple great control over the supply of displays for its iPhones, iPad’s and other devices.

Music Streaming Service Deezer Files IPO


Music streaming service Deezer has filed an IPO, the French company has filed for an IPO on the Euronext stock exchange in Paris.

Deezer was founded back in 2007 and has 6.3 million paying customers, the new IPO could give the company a value of around €1 billion or $1.1 billion.

In the IPO filing some details about the company were revealed, it had revenue of €142 million in 2014 and it has a catalogue of 35 million music tracks and 40,000 podcasts.

Spotify was expected to file for an IPO before Deezer as it has more paid subscribers at 20 million compared to Deezer’s 6.3 million paid subscribers.

Deezer has employed a slightly different tactic to Spotify, it only offers a niche music service in the US and has concentrated on the rest of the world.

The IPO should give the company the capital to expand its service further and we suspect that the US could be its next major target when it has the cash in the bank.

Mad Catz R.A.T. PROX And PRO S Gaming Mice Now Shipping


Mad Catz has today announced the launch of its new R.A.T. PRO S tournament grade gaming mouse and R.A.T. PROX gaming mouse which has started shipping this week priced at $200.

The R.A.T. PROX has been designed to provide gamers with the next generation of adjustable gaming mice and is completely compatible with Microsoft latest Windows 10 operating system.

It features a durable magnesium alloy chassis and Modular Sensor Units (MSU) as well as offering a choice of optical and laser sensors each with built-in memory profiles. The modular sensor units are hot swappable and can be used to suit individual style of play, says Mad Catz. Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz explains :

Since launching our flagship R.A.T. range some five years ago, we have been working hard on what comes next and today we’re excited to announce the official debut of the game changing R.A.T. PROX. Designed for passionate PC Gamers, who demand high performance and a level of customization that suits their individual style of play, the R.A.T. PROX represents the next generation of gaming mice.

PC gaming continues to represent a sizable segment of our business, and one which we feel is poised to grow further. We believe the introduction of the R.A.T. PROX, will connect with core gamers around the world, enabling us to expand our market share and appeal to an ever widening audience.


A signature feature of the Company’s high-performance R.A.T. gaming mice range, the R.A.T. PRO S also features adjustable Precision Aim, temporarily slowing the speed of the mouse to aid with aiming. For the first time, the R.A.T. PRO S now allows gamers to set their own custom DPI for the button, enabling more accurate customization than ever before.

In addition, the R.A.T. PRO S adjustable Palm Rest is modeled on the flagship R.A.T. PROX, and can be used to not only adjust the length of the mouse, but to also enable players to make lateral and horizontal adjustments tilting the palm rest (+/- 15%) to suit their hand size and grip style

Check out the press releases for both the Mad Catz R.A.T. PROX And PRO S gaming mice via the links below or jump over to the Mad Catz website here to purchase.

ZTE ZMax 2 Announced For AT&T, Lands This Friday For $149.99

zte zmax 2

AT&T have announced that the ZTE ZMax 2 will be available on their network from this Friday the 25th of September.

The ZTE ZMAX 2 will come with a 5.5 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and the device also comes with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built in storage.

“The original ZTE ZMAX set the stage for the phablet market as it was the first large screen Android device with high end features at an affordable price. With the ZMAX 2, we will continue deliver the best low-cost Android phones in the U.S. that people actually enjoy using,” said Lixin Cheng, chairman and CEO of ZTE USA. “Together with AT&T, advanced phone technology and design is now affordable for more U.S. consumers.”

Other specifications on the new ZTE ZMax 2 include a 2 megapixel front facing camera and an 8 megapixel rear camera, the device also comes with a microSD card slot for expansion.

The handset is equipped with LTE, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0, it also features a 3000 mAh battery and comes with Android Lollipop 5.1, there are no details as yet on what processor the handset comes with.

You can find out more information about the new ZTE ZMax 2 over at ZTE at the link below, the device will be available on AT&T on Friday for $149.99.

Samsung 950 PRO SSD Equipped With V-NAND Technology Launches

Samsung Launches 950 PRO SSD

Samsung has this week announced the launch of its new Samsung 950 PRO SSD that will be available in 512GB and 256GB storage capacities.

The Samsung 950 PRO offers improved random and sequential performance over Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) interface drives thanks to the the PCIe Gen.3 x4 interface and supporting the NVMe protocol, says Samsung who explain more.

The Samsung 950 PRO SSD is Samsung’s first consumer-ready Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe*) M.2 form factor SSD with vertical NAND (V-NAND) technology; supporting the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) 3.0 interface. With the introduction of NVMe, the first protocol optimized for SSDs, users of the Samsung 950 PRO will benefit from improved performance and power saving which can help increase battery life and potentially reduce operating costs.

The drive is ideal for professionals who want cutting-edge performance, higher bandwidth and lower latency from their high-end PCs and workstations, for projects such as computer-aided design, data analysis and engineering simulation. The compact M.2 2280 form factor ensures compatibility with next-generation desktop and mobile platforms that support the M.2 PCIe slot and interface.

The 512GB version delivers sequential read/write speeds of up to 2,500 MB/s and 1,500 MB/s. Random read performance is up to 300,000 IOPS, with write speeds of up to 110,000 IOPS. For more information on the new Samsung 950 PRO SSD jump over to the press release website for details via the link below.

iPhone 7 Apple A10 Processor To Come With Six Cores (Rumor)

Apple iPhone

The new Apple A9 and A9X processors were announced at Apple’s press event earlier this month, the A9 is found in the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and the A9X in the new iPad Pro and now we have some details about the A9’s successor, the Apple A10 Processor.

The Apple A10 processor is expected to launch in the iPhone 7 next year and it will apparently be a six core or hexa-core processor.

The Apple a9 processor is a quad core processor and according to a recent report, the new Apple A10 will be a six core processor which is manufactured using either a 14nm or 10nm process.

We previously heard a rumor that the new A10 processor would be made by TSMC for Apple and now it would appear that Samsung is also in the running to produce the processor.

Along with improved processing performance we can also expected the new A10 processor to bring improved graphics to the new iPhone 7.

Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S plus handsets will launch this Friday the 25th of September, so we are not expecting to heard many details about the new iPhone 7 until next year, as soon as we get more details about the device, we will let you guys know.

BioShock Collection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One Leaked

BioShock Collection

A South African retailer Raru has this week mistakenly leaked details of a new BioShock Collection that will soon be launching for both next-generation consoles in the form of the PS4 and Xbox One.

At the current time publisher 2K Games has not officially announced any such BioShock Collection will be made available for the consoles, but the details on the retailer’s website reveal a release date of November 27th, 2015.

Other than the new BioShock Collection being available on both the Xbox One and PS4 no other details about what you can expect have been leaked at the current time. Although as its a BioShock collection you can expect remastered versions of the older BioShock title ‘BioShock’, ‘BioShock 2’ and ‘BioShock Infinite’ to be made available for next generation systems.

As soon as more details become available we will keep you updated as always.

Anti Tank Cannon Takes On The 5k Retina iMac

5k retina imac

We have seen a number of videos before from the guys at FullMag where the take on Apple devices with various guns, although I think the latest video may be their most extreme to date.

In the video below we get to see a 90mm anti tank cannon take on the 5K Retina iMac, as I am sure you can guess, things don’t go that well for the iMac.


So there we have it, Anti Tank cannon 1, 5k Retina iMac 0, we wonder what these guys will bring out next to attack Apple’s devices with.

Blood Bowl 2 Launches On PlayStation 4

Blood Bowl 2 Launches On PlayStation 4

Gauthier Brunet Lead Game Designer for the new Blood Bowl 2 game is this week taken to the PlayStationblog to provide more information about the new game that is now available to play from today.

Check out the Blood Bowl 2 launch trailer below to see what you can expect from the second game in the series that combines Warhammer and American football in an explosive game of turn-based strategy, humour and brutality.

Adapted from Games Workshop’s famous boardgame the Blood Bowl 2 game features a new graphics engine, and vibrant realisation bring the fury of Blood Bowl to life! Lead the Reikland Reavers in an original solo story campaign narrated by hilarious commentators Jim & Bob from Cabalvision, and enjoy a host of new multiplayer features in Blood Bowl 2!


For more information on the new game jump over to the official website where links are provided for both the PlayStation, Xbox one and PC versions of the game.

4 New Hannspree Wearable Devices Introduced

Hannspree Wearable

The new Hannspree Pulse is priced at $140 or £89 and features an all-metal frame, a calfskin leather wrist strap, and a round 1.22 inch display offering users a 240 x 206 pixel touchscreen display.

The Pulse is also fitted with a vibration motor, an integrated speaker, support for USB inductive charging, and a 320 mAh battery that’s good for up to 3.5 hours of active use and up to 4 days of standby time.

As you can see by the design of the sweatband style wearable the Active 24 (pictured below) its designed for fitness tracking and is priced at $75 or £50 and is equipped with a heart rate sensor, 3-axis G sensor for pedometer functions, and Bluetooth 4.0 support. The wearable features a 0.9 inch, 96 x 96 pixel display, together with a 250 mAh battery providing up to 9 hours of active use or up to 7 days of standby time.

Hannspree Active 24

The Hannspree Prime is priced at $90 or £60 and is a smartwatch equipped with an SIM card slot but can also be connected to your smartphone for incoming notifications. Its fitted with a microSD card slot accepting up to 32GB of removable storage and supports GSM networks.

The Prime wearable is capable of sending and receiving messages, making calls, and playing music, among other things. Featuring a 1.54 inch, 240 x 240 pixel IPS touchscreen display, a 0.3MP camera, a 380 mAh battery for up to 5 days of standby time or up to 4 hours of talk time.

Hannspree Prime

While the Hannspree Ledgend (pictured below) priced at £70 or $110 US has a square design with rounded edges and a prominent button on the side. Fitted with a leather wristband, a metal alloy case, and a scratch-resistant screen. Features include a 1.54 inch, 240 x 240 pixel IPS display, Bluetooth 4.0, and a 220 mAh battery for up to 3.5 hous of active use or 3 days of standby time.Hannspree Legend