HTC confirms that a flagship Snapdragon 835 phone is coming this year

Fresh off reports that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 would be the first phone to launch with the highly anticipated Snapdragon 835, HTC wants everyone to know it won’t be left behind. Despite the upcoming release of a brand new flagship built on the older 821 architecture, HTC is vowing to deliver an 835 phone as well this year, possibly just months after the U Ultra’s u ultra pdp hero

When HTC unveiled its dual-screen, all-glass handset earlier this month, there were some questions as to why the company was opting to introduce its premium handset now rather than wait until the newer chips were readily available. In an interview with Tbreak, Chialin Chang, president of smartphones and connected devices at HTC, dismissed those concerns and said the release is part of a very specific strategy.

“When we will look back, it will be clear why HTC introduced (the U Ultra),” he said in a brief but wide-ranging interview. “We want to have a couple of months of leadership before the next flagship CPU comes. But that will be in another period of time—not at MWC. Not for us or any other player. I can tell you that for sure.”

Earlier this week, it was reported that Qualcomm’s latest processor would be making its debut in the Galaxy S8, and Chang’s comments seem to jibe with that. However, while HTC might not be at the front of the line to get its hands on the new 10nm chip, it will be sure to take advantage of it once it arrives.

“Every time there is a brand new CPU with power that we can leverage, we’re always at the forefront doing that,” Chang told the site. “When the next flagship CPU comes, HTC will be one of the very first tier doing that. … When the new CPU comes, HTC will have another flagship.”

A second top-tier phone would be a break from HTC’s usual release schedule, and Chang’s comments could serve to blunt the impact of the U Ultra, as would-be buyers wait to see what the Snadragon 835 phone brings to the table. But Chang is confident in the company’s strategy. “Some people are talking about the timing, but timing was determined 9 months ago. This is the best CPU out there.”

Additionally, the mobile chief briefly discussed Android Wear (there won’t be an HTC watch anytime soon), the Pixel (just “one aspect” of HTC’s relationship with Google), and Google Assistant (it will come when its ready). Chang also addressed concerns about the U Ultra’s relatively small 3,000 mAh battery, assuring customers that it “will get you one day” while discussing the fine line between form and functionality.

“We wanted to get a symmetric design and the trimming on the sides impacts the battery,” he said. “I admit, the bigger the battery, the better, but there’s always a trade-off with the design.”

 ‘Tis the season for Android smartphone rumors, but it’s rare to get one straight from the company’s mouth. And while it’s great news to hear that HTC will be getting on board with the newest chips as soon as they’re available, we can’t help but look at the U Ultra in a less flattering light now. HTC was already facing hurdles with the U Ultra’s lackluster battery and lack of headphone jack, but now there’s even less reason for people to plunk down $750 to buy a phone that might very well be obsolete before the end of the summer.

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Top X Things You Do Before Launching Your App

Always follow the pro in the business, when you have entered into the world where you are newbie yet want to start up your App then you should find your mentor and follow his leads and tactics because he is a pro and his or her tactics work.

Image result for Top X Things You Do Before Launching Your App

The major company Apple launched their iPhione 3G and solved over 1 million devices in a week of its inception, and their iPads were over 300,00 units within a week which is quite amazing.

And I believe you can. While Apple’s reputation and sometimes-rabid fanbase obviously play a large part in the success of their launches, there are also some strategies virtually any company can employ to make their product start a huge success:

I am well aware of that the Apple Inc has a loyal customer base, and they buy what the company has to offer. However, the story for a new brand of the different category is opposite.

But that doesn’t determine that your brand cannot achieve that sort of success.

Know Your Audience Needs

Before you start your app, do a better research and find out what the users are looking for and see how much they can pay for that service. If your android application has some problems people will surely review before the reviews section, you can kick start the business by buying quality reviews and ratings.

It is important to prioritize the needs of your users than what you have got for the people. Do not talk about the things which are already in the market. things what you have got.

Add Revolutionary Options

When an app takes things to another level, people get more excited to try out new options, which has not introduced to the app market. The more interesting things you add, the more chances of your app success increased.

It may be safe to say that; not many companies have the reach like Apple Inc does, but there are certain tactics any small time company can use to promote their apps in a way they can impress most of the clients and the new users.

Start a Beta or Free Trial

Before you release the app, find out what kind of reactions you get from the users, and this will also help your app to get more fan base when you start the marketing.

Learn from the Major apps like Prisma App, which is a new app yet has now hit more than a million downloads in just a few days of the launch on Google Play Store.

What I have learned from the Prisma App that the developers focused on one platform and gave their best shot at it. The Prisma App has made it’s way to the limelight and successfully gained a mass amount of fan base before the launch on Google play store.

The Prisma App developers focused on the iOS platform and launched the app on the iStore and served the iOS users. There is no confirmation on why the developers are chosen to release the iOS version first, not the Android. There is no official statement from the developers.

The developers have put their hearts out and made a way to the limelight, and after they are done with the iOS, they have started to revolutionize on Play Store and guess what they reached over a million downloads in just a week of the launch.

Prisma App Strategy

  • Added revolutionary features and concept.
  • Advertise before the launch.
  • Focused on single but the primary platform (iOS).
  • Once the App attained that fanbase, they moved on to the other platforms, starting with the Android.


When you do not know where to start, why don’t you start with the successful people in your business.

The iPhone 7 leak shows us how Android will look next 12 months

You would possibly suppose the average Android consumer doesn’t have a great deal use for an image of the iPhone 7 (out in July), because they haven’t any plans to spend $700 on an Apple tool. however, even in 2016, there are many Android producers in the global which can be inspired by, or maybe directly copying, the design of the modern iPhone.

iphone 7

That is why, find it irresistible or no longer, the various telephones we see arriving in 2017 (specially those from China) are probable to have a comparable layout to this picture, which first seemed on Weibo and become picked up on via 9to5Mac.

If this does become the very last design of the iPhone 7, then the higher and decrease bands, making an allowance for clean signal reception, that regarded on the iPhone 6 and 6s, are long past, and most effective inconspicuous lines alongside the top and backside of the body continue to be.

AndroidPIT iPhone SE 4162

Any other factor of notice, and one that has already been discussed in latest months, is the protrusion of the rear camera, something that even Samsung has managed to keep away from (almost) in its new flagship, the Galaxy S7. Many specialists in photography, consisting of DxOMark, have ranked Android flagship cameras over iPhones’ for some years now, so this accelerated sensor can be a demonstration of a better MP be counted, an attempt to outdo Android telephones on this key function.

Other rumors endorse there to be 4 audio system, a 4.7-inch display screen and a Lightning connector to replace the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Anyway, there are several signs that the Cupertino organization may not be residing through its greatest hour. The iPhone SE has been acquired with little interest via the general public, and the latest income figures aren’t super for Apple, so it appears in all likelihood that the next iPhone will beat a new path from preceding models.

Creating the Right App for Your Business

The best way to reach as much of your target customer base as possible is to go mobile. Having a website that is optimized for mobile viewing is great, but having a mobile application that’s related to your business is even better. If your business offers its own mobile app, your visibility will be increased, you’ll more easily capture the attention of current and future customers, and you’ll expand your brand’s influence. There are two key things to consider when you’re trying to create an app for your business.

Trust an Expert

If you have no experience developing mobile apps, this isn’t the time to go experimenting. Whatever you make available to the public will have your business’s name on it and reflect on your professionalism, so you need to make sure that your app is highly functional, useful, and attractive to your target customers. Hiring a design firm that specializes in developing mobile applications is the best route to take and will pay off in the long run. Before hiring a designer, verify their experience and take a good look at their portfolio to ensure they can handle your project. An example of a reputable Chelsea App development company is Chelsea Apps Factory, which is based in London.

Think of Your Customers’ Needs

Before you ask your app developer to put tons of bells and whistles into your finished application, consider the wants and needs of your customers. The type of interface, features, and benefits that they’ll find most desirable depends upon the details of their specific demographic. For instance, if you sell a product or service aimed at professionals age 30 to 55, they’ll want an app that offers convenience, helps ease their busy lifestyle, and is streamlined. On the other hand, if your target market is college students age 18 to 25, they’ll want bright, appealing visuals, interactive features, and the app will need to be relevant to their lifestyle. When you choose a mobile app developer to work with that has experience launching apps for businesses, they’ll be able to help you narrow down the look and features that are best suited for your target audience.

By working with an experienced app developer and putting your customers’ needs first, you’ll create a mobile application for your company that will drive results and benefit your bottom line.

SMS Coupons: Top Reasons To Start Sending Coupons Via SMS

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, in order to sustain and thrive you must present your clients with something special and extraordinary. And, businesses have found out that nothing can beat the excitement and the type of response that coupons and vouchers create. It is great to receive something for free or at amazing discounted rates once in a while.

People love to receive coupons and vouchers that can assist them save money and providing offers to  clients is an effective way to create a positive business presence. However, when it comes to giving out coupons, ensure you choose to send SMS coupons rather than paper version and here are a few reasons, why:

SMS allows discounts to be made immediately

One of the greatest benefits of using SMS marketing is not just the high read rate (almost 98%), but the read rate within fifteen minutes of delivering (over 90%). This attribute of text messaging gives retailers, restaurant owners and any business who wants to reach targeted customers fast, the ability to make and send offers in a few minutes. Let us suppose you run a restaurant and the weather report indicates it to be a windy day/night on a very busy weekend night. To avoid a cut in business you can effortlessly send an offer that morning- “Don’t let the winds stop you from enjoying our today’s special offer- order one entrée and get another for free!” Unlike paper version of coupons, which need to be prepared well beforehand, text message coupons can be made at any time and meet very time-sensitive, particular marketing requirements.

SMS coupons are cost-effective and easy to launch

Earlier giving out coupons meant investing in hoardings or using expensive direct mail strategies. Email are economical than direct mail, but they take a nice amount of time to build and manage (not to forget a huge number of emails are never read). Sending bulk SMS is a lot more pocket friendly as there is no printing cost or distribution cost involved. Also, smart messaging service are reasonably priced.

SMS coupons can bring new client traffic from traditional media

In general conventional marketing channels look like this to clients- “We are glad to announce the launch of our new services/products. For more details visit our website”. Brand recognition is essential, but capturing your client’s interest is also crucial. Consider this-“We have an amazing new service/product, text now to get 20% off”. Then, a few days later when the client may have forgotten your service, you can send them a reminder via SMS- “Last few days to avail your 20% off”.

Redemption rates of SMS beat all other techniques

Possibly, the most significant outcome of a coupon is its redemption rate. If the client doesn’t redeem the coupon, you won’t be able to increase the revenue. As bulk SMS Services have the maximum read rate of any type of business marketing today, vouchers sent through text message are more often redeemed. Not just your client is more aware of the voucher, but it is also very difficult for them to forget it at home.

So, bid  goodbye to those printed coupons and vouchers, and start sending coupons through SMS to increase redemption and ROI.

Get the Exciting details about the Xperia X Performance

The Sony Xperia is a range of smartphones that have surely taken the market by storm thanks to their sophisticated design and stunning interiors that gives performance like no other. Be it the Xperia Z or the Xperia C, it is hard to refute that they surely are one of the classiest range of smartphones in the market. Sony launched three new Xperia phones- the Xperia XA, Xperia X and Xperia X Performance, all aimed at smoothening customer satisfaction. You can make use of ebay coupons to get the latest prices on leading Xperia models to get home the best one!

Check out the stunning details about the brand new Xperia X Performance that will surely amaze you:

Design and Construction


The X Performance has been designed and tailor-made to suit your requirement and looks extremely polished and sophisticated with a beautiful 5 inch display and curved glass edges to give it that superior finesse. The phone looks extremely high class and feels good to hold and use giving good responsiveness clubbed with good looks. With a premium metal finish, you surely can’t complain when it comes to looks and feel. The phone feels easy to use weighing just 5.8 oz. making it very comfortable to handle.



The phone offers a stunning 5 inch Full HD display with 1080p which is further integrated with the latest Triluminos display for mobiles- a feature which is otherwise found on the famous BRAVIA televisions. The phone makes every angle come to life and images appear well lit, bright and you get some of the most stunning viewing angles out of the phone to give you viewing experience like never before. Make use of shopclues coupons to browse through a range of Sony Xperia models to get your hands on the one that suits you best.



The Xperia X Performance has some really good internals that give you productivity and multitasking which is unmatched by most phones in the market. The phone runs on an advanced Snapdragon 820 chipset that provides functionality and speed when it comes to performance. Additionally, the phone has a 3GB RAM which takes on multitasking to give you lag free output. The phone surely gives smooth overall performance with such strong configuration. The phone also has 32GB internal memory built which can be expanded up to 200GB for you to carry files no matter where you go. These surely are some of the best internal configurations seen in the market.



The Xperia X Performance boasts of a strong camera set up that could put some advanced cameras to shame. It has a 23MP Primary Camera with the speed of capturing images in less than 0.6 seconds allowing you to capture every fleeting image in crisp clarity so you never have to miss life’s precious moments again. The autofocus and image stabilisation has state of the art technology to give you nothing but the best. The phone also has a brilliant front facing 13MP selfie camera which can add a spark even to low lit conditions to give you sharp and clear output every time. Now get sharper and clearer photographs with every click.



The Xperia X Performance is all set to be launched with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system which will come with a variety of upgrades in its own sense. As for battery output, the phone has 2700 mAh battery which surely give good battery backup and the company claims the phone can give up to two days battery and will have a variety of battery saving modes. With the latest features such as finger print sensor, NFC, 4G LTE and much more, this phone surely packs in powerful performance.

Be sure to get your hands on the all new Sony Xperia X Performance which is already garnering quite a buzz around the tech world!

Letv Le 1s

Letv is a Chinese company that is new & upcoming to hit the Indian markets in 2015. Originally, Le is one of the primary manufacturers of Television sets, Set-top boxes, interactive video games and other entertainment systems. It recently introduced new smart phones into the market which were a huge hit in their native country. With the success there, these phones are set to enter the Indian market. Indian mobile users have always received Chinese smartphones with open hands and this phone in its series is a real good one, rubbing away all rumours about the previous Chinese phones. Le 1s is expected to be arriving in the Indian markets very soon. It was first announced in October 2015. Price of Le 1s is expected to be available for INR. 10,999. It works with dual sim-card technology supporting micro and nano sim card sizes.


Le 1s works on a powerful 2.2 GHz octa core processor which is expected to run at high quality and provide the best of user experience, given that many smart phones in this price range provide almost only 1.5 GHz processors. Also, the processor is accompanied by a MediaTek chipset, to enhance the processing experience. It is equipped with a display screen of size 5.5 inches, which is an LCD capacitive screen. The screen looks beautiful from the pictures released of the phone, occupying most of the body space from the front side. The display supports 1080 x 1920 pixel quality, which is generally considered as HD screen.

Le 1s works on the android operating system v5.0 (Lollipop), with a new feel to the operating system and the icons, given that Le is a new manufacturer that is set out to provide the best user experience. The operating system is expected to work fine without any problems or errors. Also, since it is the android OS, many Indians will feel reliable to use the phone. Le 1s comes with a non removable battery that provides 3000 mAh power capacity which usually provides up to 12 hours of backup time on 3G mode. It would make this phone one of the best pieces releasing this year, if the battery performance lives up to the mark, without any reports of overheating.

This phone comes with an internal memory storage space of 32GB and is one of the very few phones that provide such huge ROM space at this price range. However, the external storage space is not available and the user has to make use of what is available as the internal memory. This might count as the only drawback with this smartphone, given that many users are looking forward to using phones that provide almost 128GB space for external memory. Equipped with a 3 GB RAM, this phone is set out to provide one of the best user experiences when it comes to multitasking, playing games and running background processes on the smart phone. The phone is expected to work fine under all these conditions, without providing any lags, glitches or system shut downs whatsoever.

Le 1s comes with a primary camera that provides 13MP picture quality and is expected to capture some great pictures with its support for LED flash and auto focus features. It also supports other features like auto face detection, touch focus, panorama and HDR features. The phone will also provide some editing tools which comes in-built with the gallery provided. On the other hand, the front camera provides a picture quality of 5 MP which is considered satisfactory, given that most phones in this price range provide the same picture quality for front cameras.


This smartphone supports all basic connectivity features like Wi-Fi, hotspot, Wi-FI direct, Bluetooth, USB and GPS. It does not have support for FM radio, which some Indians find it a compulsory accessory of every smart phone. It also provides infrared file transfer ability. There is no support for NFC, which only few smartphones in this generation provide. It is equipped with certain sensory features like the Compass, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer and the normal light sensor.

Le 1s comes with a complete package of all features, where the main advantages or the plus points include its trendy new design, its processing abilities, its RAM and it’s great display. However, each smartphone has its drawbacks and some of them include average battery life and no support for external memory storage. Though external memory storage can be compensated with the huge amount of space provided in the ROM, some users might find it not up to the mark with the battery life.

This phone can be regarded as an affordable piece in the Indian market where users spend lots of money on smart phones. Also, it is offering all the features with some good specifications and can be considered a safe investment altogether.

Foxconn Subsidiary Acquires Stake in MoMagic to Strengthen India Presence

Foxconn Technology Group’s subsidiary FIH Mobile Ltd said on Monday it has made an investment to acquire 10 percent stake in mobile Internet company MoMagic Technologies.

FIH is investing in MoMagic – a MediaTek-invested technology company – to further strengthen its business presence in India, said a company statement.

“The investment also underscores FIH’s commitment to actively collaborate with technology companies in India to create a positive industry ecosystem for innovation and business opportunities,” it said.

The investment has been made by FIH’s subsidiary, Wonderful Stars Pte. Ltd.

“Our investment … is in line with our group’s goal of strengthening FIH’s ability to tap the huge potential of the country’s emerging mobile Internet and fast-growing smartphone markets,” said Charles Pan, special assistant to FIH Mobile’s chairman.

MoMagic works across widely used mobile platforms and in the area of mobile Internet services, offering technology-backed innovative and analytically-driven marketing solutions to enterprises, startups and ecommerce players as well as better reach and service to customers.

Foxconn earlier this month said it plans to build a new processing base in northwest China’s Gansu province, indicating the tech giant’s further expansion on the inland market.

Foxconn Technology Group, the main supplier to tech giant Apple, inked a cooperation deal with Gansu Radio and Television Network Co. Ltd. (GRTN) on Friday, agreeing to establish a joint electronics processing base in the provincial capital Lanzhou, Xinhua reported.

Taiwan-based Foxconn has expanded rapidly since it was launched in 1988, with more than 30 industrial gardens currently in the country’s south, north, southwest, northeast and central areas.

The company wants to expand its business to central and western Asian markets amid China’s Belt and Road Initiative. It signed an agreement with the Gansu government in September that pledged to build long-term cooperation.

Nokia C1 Leaked Again With Specifications and Fresh Images

Another Nokia C1 smartphone image has popped up on the Internet along with some rumoured specifications. The image and the specifications come from the same source that provided the last render indicating the handset will arrive in two variants – one running Windows 10 Mobile and the other Android.

The new image shows the rumoured Nokia C1 running its Z Launcher on the Android OS. The handset is seen in Grey, White, and Peach colour versions. The design goes in line with the previous leak as well. The source (via Nokia Power User) goes on to explain that the smartphone will arrive in two sizes both of which will also have a different camera setup.

As per the source, while one variant will house 5-inch full-HD (1080×1920 pixels) resolution display, the other will sport a larger 5.5-inch full-HD display. The smaller Nokia C1 version will bear 2GB RAM + 32GB inbuilt storage setup and along with an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. The larger variant will feature 3GB RAM + 64GB inbuilt storage setup along with a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera.

It is further said that the Nokia smartphone has been in-the-making for so long that the company scrapped the original hardware design of the C1 and replaced it with a better one in the interim.

Previous leaks and rumours for the Nokia C1 pointed out the handset to run Android with the company’s Z Launcher and Windows 10 Mobile as well – tipping the handset could be offered in two variants for the two operating systems.

It needs to be pointed out that Nokia can’t use its brand on smartphones until Q4 2016, because of theacquisition of its devices and services division by Microsoft. Earlier this year, Nokia announced that itintends to get back in the smartphone business by licensing designs to hardware manufacturers.

Samsung Tipped to Include Fingerprint Scanner, Pay Features in Budget Phones

Samsung’s high-end smartphone features such as fingerprint scanner and Samsung Pay mobile payment may soon make it to budget smartphones, if a new report is to be believed.

Korea Herald reports that the company is planning to include the two premium features in its affordable handsets. The report quotes an industry source, “Samsung is planning to deploy fingerprint sensors in budget smartphone models.”

The source added that one of the major obstacles in the adoption of the fingerprint scanner and Samsung Pay features may be the price. The move is said to be inspired by the South Korean company’s performance in emerging markets with low-end handsets. Details about any launch time-frame is limited as of now.

It’s worth noting that the fingerprint scanner and Samsung Pay features have until now only seen in smartphones including Galaxy S flagships and Galaxy Note series as well as some Samsung’s Galaxy A-series handsets also included the fingerprint scanner.

The addition of fingerprint scanner and Samsung Pay will not only add to the feature list of the company’s low-end smartphone but will also attract consumers. The report cites Hwang Min-sung, analyst from Samsung Securities, who forecast that the company would likely install the payment system on its Android-powered phones.

A recent report had also suggested that Samsung was preparing to launch a high-end Tizen-basedsmartphone next year. The details of the smartphone were however, not yet clear. The company is said to either expand its Z line of handsets or introduce a new series altogether.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung’s Tizen OS overtook BlackBerry OS to become the fourth largest smartphone operating system in Q3 2015, as per Strategy Analytics report.