PS Vita and PlayStation TV Hacked

Mr.Gas and Major_Tom, two well known hackers on the PS Vita scene, have released a method by which owners of Sony’s handheld or its living room equivalent, the PlayStation TV (PSTV), can enable additional functionality. These include cosmetic features like customising the user interface’s “bubble” design on the PS Vita or PSTV to tremendous additions such as being able to back up an entire game cartridge to your PS Vita or PSTV memory card.

Specific PS Vita games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush, which could not be played on the PSTV, will now apparently work as well. And if you’re hunting for more trophies without the hassle of playing through a game, there’s a way to do that too. This is not the first time the PS Vita has been hacked. In the past, users exploited security loopholes in specific PlayStation Portable (PSP) digital games that are playable on the PS Vita, resulting in Sony pulling these games from the PlayStation Network (PSN) until they were fixed.

At the moment the duo have not released the entire feature set. Though it won’t be long before other ambitious hackers use this exploit to allow other possibilities on the PS Vita and PSTV such as full scale piracy and everything else that comes with it. Nonetheless, you can bet your house on the fact that the next firmware update for Sony’s consoles will fix whatever has exploited to enable all this.

Considering how poorly the PS Vita and PSTV have sold, one can speculate that these would do wonders for their sales. However it does little to inspire confidence in the platform, with an already dwindling number of developers opting to support these devices.

If you’re looking to try this out remember that it will void your warranty. Also, piracy does little to keep game development afloat and prevents newer, better games from seeing the light of day. Something to keep in mind before you decide to uncover how this works.

Mobile All the Way Kids No Longer Keen on Computer Gaming

Children are going mobile with their video game play, shifting away from computers and consoles, according to a report released on Wednesday by NPD Group.

Mobile devices are now the most used gadgets for video game play by US children ranging in age from two to 17 years old, according to a Kids and Gaming report by industry tracker NPD.

Some 63 percent of children in that age group play games on mobile devices such as smartphones while the share opting for play on home computers slid more than a fifth during the past two years to 45 percent, NPD reported.

“The largest and most surprising shift in the 2015 gaming ecosystem was kids’ move away from the computer,” said NPD analyst Liam Callahan

“In the past, the computer was considered the entry point for gaming for most kids, but the game has changed now that mobile has moved into that position.”

He reasoned that the change is likely due, in part, to the fact that families are increasingly using smartphones and tablets for tasks formerly tended to on desktop or laptop computers so children adapted to new fields for play.

The decrease in children playing on consoles was less than the drop seen for using computers, and video game consoles remained popular in the nine to 11 age group, according to NPD.

However, gaming on new-generation consoles was reported to be on the rise, hinting that the coming wave of blockbuster titles could ramp time children spend on the devices.

Rainbow Six Siege Beta Begins Thursday

Rainbow Six Siege was one of the surprisingly good games we played at Gamescom 2015. It felt polished, tense and a whole lot of fun. And on Thursday 6:30 PM IST, the game enters closed beta. So if you registered for access on Ubisoft’s site, you’ll be able to experience (from September 24 to September 28) what’s shaping up to be one of the better shooters this year.

“The main objective of the closed beta is to test the online infrastructure & matchmaking with the largest number of players we’ve had in the game to date,” explained Chase Straight, Community Developer on Rainbow Six Siege on Ubisoft’s blog.

In the Rainbow Six Siege beta you’ll get access to three maps and two game modes as well as 14 different operators (or character classes as they’re known in other games). There’s an event as well – dubbed as “Terrorist Hunt” – that’s open to those playing.

Don’t be surprised to find connectivity issues and matchmaking trouble though. After all, you are assisting Ubisoft in ensuring Rainbow Six Siege has a smooth launch in exchange for early access. And access will be granted gradually so don’t expect to be let in to the beta as soon as some of your friends have access.

“Players will be granted access in waves to allow us to test server stability so we can optimize the player experience during the beta. We’ll be adding new people every day, so be sure to check your email regularly,” reads Straight’s post.

If you’re lacking the bandwidth to download the beta or simply don’t want to risk playing an incomplete game, Rainbow Six Siege is out December 1. But if you’re adventurous, you can still register for the Rainbow Six Siege beta here.

Hitman Delayed to Next Year

Open-world assassination simulator Hitman has been delayed to March 2016. The game will be the sixth entry of the series on home consoles and PC not counting Hitman Go and Hitman: Sniper that were mobile-focused games (although Hitman Go did make it to Windows later).

“It’s safe to say Hitman is the biggest venture we’ve ever undertaken at IO Interactive. Not just in terms of scope and ambition but also in terms of the size of the game world itself,” developer IO Interactivewaxed eloquent on the game’s official site.

“We want to make absolutely sure you all get the best possible experience when you join, so we’ve made the difficult decision to move the initial release date to March 2016,” the post continued. “These few extra months will mean we can add more to the launch content of the game, more than we had originally planned, and then follow with a tighter frequency of updates, which ultimately will create a better game for everyone. And in the end, that’s what we’re all looking for.”

Considering that the game has come under some scrutiny due to the lack of clarity on its single-player mode and its business model (which involves users paying upfront on the promise of content being digitally delivered on a consistent basis), many would say a delay was inevitable.

Nonetheless, that’s not stopped the game from being showcased at every event possible. Gadgets 360checked out Hitman at Gamescom 2015 and felt it was an ambitious yet familiar attempt that should allow for some interesting emergent experiences.

Black Ops III Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Bundle Launches 6th November

Black Ops III Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Bundle

John Koller VP of Platforms Marketing at SCEA has taken to the PlayStation blog this week to announce the launch of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops III Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Bundle that will be available to purchase both online and from retail stores from November 6th, 2015.

As you can see from the image above the new PlayStation 4 Black Ops III bundle, features the Black Ops III ember orange logo on a Jet Black chassis, complete with coloured power and eject buttons.

Black Ops III Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Bundle

Together with three emblems on the front of the PS4 console each representing a different game mode. As players might already know : The SOG Skull signifies campaign : the Winslow Accord faction logo is pulled straight from the game’s fiction, representing one of the factions you play in multiplayer, and “the mark” denotes zombies. Koller explains a little more :

The DualShock 4 included has a grey and orange color scheme, along with the III logo on the right grip. We’ll also sell the DualShock 4 as a standalone item separately from the bundle.
Also included is the standard edition of the blockbuster game, along with the bonus NUK3TOWN multiplayer map.

The PS4 included has a 1TB hard disk drive, the first of its kind in North America. That’s plenty of room for the DLC — which comes 30 days earlier on PS4 — and saved videos of your best matches. That Share button is going to get a workout, too — our 3.00 system software update for PS4 adds the ability to share short video clips directly to Twitter natively, making it much easier to share your multiplayer feats with the world.

For more information on the new Call of Duty: Black Ops III Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Bundle jump over to the official website for details and links to be able to pre-order from $449.

New Xbox Website Update Enables Voice Message Playback And More

Xbox Website Update

Thanks to user feedback Microsoft has this week rolled out a new Xbox website update adding a couple of new features for users to enjoy.

The first is the ability to listen to voice messages directly from the website thanks to the addition of support for voice meshes playback.

Secondly the website will now list demonstrations in the search results and will include purchase/redeem demo downloads, explains Microsoft who explain more via the Major Nelson website :

The Xbox team regularly updates the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles and the Xbox App for Windows 10 with improvements often influenced by user feedback, but did you know you can also leave feedback and recommendations for the website? To suggest new ideas or vote on existing recommendations, visit the Xbox Feedback website focusing on

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Launch Date Announced

The Xbox One Elite wireless controller that was unveiled by Microsoft in June finally has a release date. October 27 is when US consumers can pick it up for $149.99 (around Rs. 10,000). Incidentally, that’s the same date as Halo 5: Guardians.

While no release date has been given for the rest of the world, we won’t be surprised if Microsoft announces it shortly.

As for India, we doubt that a Rs. 10,000 controller would be made available at retail. Considering we don’t get special editions of Xbox One games a heavily redesigned edition of the Xbox One controller seems unlikely. The controller sports hair-trigger locks, enhanced sensitivity, and swappable parts such as different directional pads. You will be able to remap the buttons as well.

(Also see: Halo 5, Forza 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider Are the Most Expensive Xbox One Games on Pre-Order)

Furthermore, the company will be launching its Elite bundle on November 3 for $499 (around Rs. 33,000) in the US. This consists of the Elite controller and an Xbox console with a 1TB solid state hybrid drive. Meanwhile, the new Xbox Chatpad is also due to launch on November 3 in the US, at $34.99 (roughly Rs. 2,300).

With a host of games such as the aforementioned Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Fable Legends out around the same time on the Xbox One, it’s shaping up to be Microsoft’s season in terms of exclusive games. Better bundles and peripherals simply serve to sweeten the deal. Earlier in the year it launched the Forza 6 limited edition console and announced a Halo 5 variant as well. Needless to say, no matter what kind of Xbox One you’re looking for, Microsoft has you covered.

BioShock Collection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One Leaked

BioShock Collection

A South African retailer Raru has this week mistakenly leaked details of a new BioShock Collection that will soon be launching for both next-generation consoles in the form of the PS4 and Xbox One.

At the current time publisher 2K Games has not officially announced any such BioShock Collection will be made available for the consoles, but the details on the retailer’s website reveal a release date of November 27th, 2015.

Other than the new BioShock Collection being available on both the Xbox One and PS4 no other details about what you can expect have been leaked at the current time. Although as its a BioShock collection you can expect remastered versions of the older BioShock title ‘BioShock’, ‘BioShock 2’ and ‘BioShock Infinite’ to be made available for next generation systems.

As soon as more details become available we will keep you updated as always.

Blood Bowl 2 Launches On PlayStation 4

Blood Bowl 2 Launches On PlayStation 4

Gauthier Brunet Lead Game Designer for the new Blood Bowl 2 game is this week taken to the PlayStationblog to provide more information about the new game that is now available to play from today.

Check out the Blood Bowl 2 launch trailer below to see what you can expect from the second game in the series that combines Warhammer and American football in an explosive game of turn-based strategy, humour and brutality.

Adapted from Games Workshop’s famous boardgame the Blood Bowl 2 game features a new graphics engine, and vibrant realisation bring the fury of Blood Bowl to life! Lead the Reikland Reavers in an original solo story campaign narrated by hilarious commentators Jim & Bob from Cabalvision, and enjoy a host of new multiplayer features in Blood Bowl 2!


For more information on the new game jump over to the official website where links are provided for both the PlayStation, Xbox one and PC versions of the game.

Expect a Price Drop for the PS4 in India Soon

The PlayStation 4 is set to receive a price drop mid-October in India. Sources have confirmed with Gadgets 360 that the price of the console will be reduced by around Rs. 5,000. Currently the 500GB PS4 is priced at Rs. 39,990. This would bring it down to Rs. 34,990.

However we’ve been informed that there’s a catch to this. The price drop will coincide with the launch of the 1TB model that’s already available in other regions and that Sony India will limit supply on the 500GB console as well. The 1TB model should sport a price of Rs. 39,990. Sony will also bundle the 1TB PS4 with games like it did with the 500GB model, so don’t be surprised to see it available at a higher maximum retail price (MRP).

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A price drop for the PS4 has been long overdue. The console has been dominating at retail in India since its launch in January 2014, and it’s good to know that Sony isn’t simply resting on its laurels. With Diwali being a big season for retail, perhaps a lower-priced PS4 is all that’s needed to make more people upgrade. Although Sony India did not reply to a request for comment, the Rs. 5,000 reduction seems to be in line with the announced price cuts for other regions such as the UK.

For potential customers, this is good news. Right now you can buy the PS4 for a street price of around Rs. 35,000 to 36,000 at both online and at local game stores. At a new MRP of Rs. 34,990, you can safely expect to buy it for around Rs. 32,000. Furthermore, a 2TB laptop drive retails for around Rs. 8,000. Swapping out the PS4’s hard drive is easy and you still retain your warranty. This allows you to upgrade to a 2TB PS4 while spending very little, making the new 1TB model rather redundant.

Have you picked up the PS4 or will this nudge you towards one? Let us know in the comments.