Practical Tools and Maintenance Strategies for a Microwave

Appliances have a variety of components that must be repaired strategically to boost performance, reliability, and efficiency. In order to tackle simple repair tasks that involve microwave components, special tools will be needed. Although there are many gadgets that can simplify microwave maintenance and repair problems, there are several dependable tools that are worth owning. Once a microwave is operating properly, various preventative maintenance procedures must be implemented on a regular basis.

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Tools for Microwave Repairs

All microwave have bolts that keep important mechanical components protected. The only way to remove the bolts and fasteners is by using various security bits. Because every appliance uses standard bolts and fasteners, one security bit set can be used to repair microwaves by a variety of brands.

Many of the bolts and fasteners that are found along the edges of a microwave are tough to handle after they’re removed with security bits. As a result, these items could easily roll to locations that are tough to access. When these situations happen, a telescoping magnetic tool can grab the items with ease. The magnetic gadget that’s placed on this tool is strong, so it can effectively grab stray bolts or fasteners that are trapped in tough spots.

Preventative Maintenance Strategies

The process of keeping a microwave in peak condition isn’t tough if everyone uses the appliance properly on a regular basis. For example, instead of setting the timer for certain foods, consider heating most meals by using one of the preset cooking times. These presets give a microwave opportunities to heat food efficiently without conserving a lot of energy. This means that the heating elements won’t have to work hard in order to heat up specific foods. If water needs to be heated, avoid using the microwave because the energy that generates in the appliance makes water very hot, and risky situations can happen if the water is spilled.

When proper tools and maintenance techniques are used, simple problems won’t affect a microwave. If  a microwave has a severe problem that involves the electrical components, professional services will be needed because the process of repairing a hybrid combiner is challenging.

Creative Book Gadgets For Book Lovers!

If you are a book fanatic, you are bound to love these gadgets:

Nap massaging bed rest

Are you wondering what is nap massage chair doing in this post? Well, ask book lovers what is the biggest struggle they relate to while reading books and you will get “pain in back” as the most popular answer. Reading a good book is so addictive that most people find it hard to put it down and end up causing pain in their backs and hands because of holding it continuously. A nap massaging bed rest will make reading books a truly pleasing experience. It has been designed in such a manner that it fits any bed properly and also supports all body sizes and shapes. It even holds LCD light to throw light on your book. How awesome is that!


Prism glasses

For book lovers, no day is ever complete without having read a few pages of books. But what happens when they are too tired and want to read a book while laying down? It can be a challenging task given the fact that eyes start to pain and hands get tired from holding the book. Enter “prism glasses” into action! Wear these glasses and save yourself from trouble while reading a book when resting on bed. These prism glasses are equipped with lie-down periscope glasses to simplify things for you.


Kindle paperwhite

How many times has it happened that you wished to carry 3-4 books with you every day and rotate between them during your commute time? I am guessing that the number might be too high to remember. Say hello to Kindle Paperwhitewhich can be your own portable library. Kindle paperwhite is an ebookreader via which you can get access to unlimited number of books. It is very light-weight in nature so that you do not feel uncomfortable while holding it even when standing. No more stuffing of books inside your bag with a Kindle by your side! Thanks to amazing Amazon coupons, you can now purchase it at discounted prices with the bonus of Cashback.


Walterdrake book pillow holder

It’s Sunday! You have a plan to take a mini vacation by getting lost in one of your favourite books. You lie down on bed and start reading the book. Only some minutes have gone by when you can feel pain developing in your hands as well as neck. Give them a rest by getting hold of Walterdrake book pillow holder. The adorable book holder will hold your book so that you don’t end up with tiring hands while holding the book.


Reading light lamp

Reading light lamps are a boon for people who want to read late at night without disturbing their partner or other situations which require on your part to read without causing problem for others. It will help you read comfortably without straining your eyes in the dark. Plus they are a great travel-friendly option as they are usually light-weight in nature. So you can carry these reading lamps on your trips too. By using eBay coupons present on CashKaro, you can purchase one at the finest deal.


Lightwedge original book Light Ocean

For those who only want light to be thrown on a book and not the surrounding areas, lightwedge original book Light Ocean is a fabulous gadget. You can clip it on the side of the bookso that it emanates light only on those pages of the book. With it, you can be assured of your entire room not lighting up. Isn’t it wonderful?


Hope these gadgets make it to your “To-buy” list and prove to be immensely useful for you.

The Griffin Pocket Tool XL Fits 15 Tools In One

We love DIY tools, even if the most complicated projects we put together rarely go beyond putting up a shelf. Multitools like Swiss knives, the Griffin Pocket Tool, and the Quickey really appeal to us, and so when we found out the the Griffin Pocket Tool XL is now on Kickstarter, we knew we had to check it out.

The new Griffin Pocket Tool XL is 50 percent bigger than the original, with over 15 functions. New features include a nail prying tool inset in the chisel, rulers on both sides of the tool in inch and millimeter increments, a bit retainer (handy if you’ve got a multi-bit screwdriver too) and the choice of US or metric sized hex wrenches.

The rest of the features we liked about the original Griffin are of course all still there – a scoring tool to quickly open boxes, bottle opener, drillbit driver, pocket clip, prying tool, and wrenches. All in a single, solid piece of stainless steel. It’s a little more expensive than the first Griffin – you could get one of those for $15 (roughly Rs. 1,000), while the XL will set you back by $20 (approximately Rs. 1,300).

This Kickstarter project has already crossed its $4,000 goal (approximately Rs. 2.6 lakh). If you want one, you’ll have to spend $25 (approximately Rs. 1,600) (though the first 200 backers can get one for $20 or around Rs. 1,300) and delivery is expected in December 2015, with worldwide shipping.

About Kickstarter of the week
In this weekly column, we look at crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, to try and find the coolest new projects from the world of crowdfunding. Not everything we find here is going to be the next Oculus Rift or Pebble Smartwatch, and of course, with any crowdfunded project there’s the risk that it won’t actually ship, even after being funded.

Still, if you can afford to set a little money aside, some of these projects can be really cool, and worth backing.

For example, there’s the Atmotube, a wearable air quality monitor; the Ion Belt a smartphone powerpack in your belt; and Blocks, a modular smartwatch.

To see more from the world of crowdfunding, check out our previous Kickstarter of the Week stories.

Apple Watch Launched in India Starting

The Apple Watch is now available to buy in India from authorised resellers. As Gadgets 360 exclusively reported last month, the Apple Watch prices in India start from Rs. 30,900 (38mm) and Rs. 34,900 (42mm).

The wearable comes in Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition variants. The base model price of the 38mm Apple Watch Sport is Rs. 30,900 (Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band), while the Apple Watch starts at Rs. 48,900 (Stainless Steel Case with White Sport Band), and Apple Watch Edition at Rs. 8,20,000 (18-Carat Rose Gold Case with White Sport Band).

As for the 42mm Apple Watch models, the Apple Watch Sport starts at Rs. 34,900 (Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band), Apple Watch at Rs. 52,900 (Stainless Steel Case with White Sport Band), and Apple Watch Edition at Rs. 9,90,000 (18-Carat Rose Gold Case with White Sport Band).

To put that in perspective, the 38mm and 42mm Sport models of the Apple Watch start at $349 (Rs. 22,700 approximately) and $399 (Rs. 25,900 approximately) in the US respectively, before taxes. The Apple Watch starts at $549 (approximately Rs. 35,600) for the 38mm model, and $599 (approximately Rs. 39,400) for the 42mm model, while the Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000 (approximately Rs. 6,58,100) for the 32mm model, and $12,000 (approximately Rs. 7,89,700) for the 42mm model, once again before taxes.

In the Gadgets 360 review of the Apple Watch, we concluded that if you have an iPhone and if you want a smartwatch, the Apple Watch is your best choice in the smartwatch market. Despite Google’s recently rolled out Android Wear support for iPhone, it would be hard for app and platform developers to provide the same level of functionality on a rival platform. Other products like the Pebble Time and Fitbit Surge have limited interactivity with iPhones due to Apple’s software restrictions.

Overall, we felt the Apple Watch feels very polished for a first generation device and its trade-offs (battery life, lags) are minor and shouldn’t stop you from buying the device. The company in Septemberreleased watchOS 2 as well, the updated system software for the Apple Watch, which brought featureslike activation lock, native apps, and more.

Finally, we found the Apple Watch’s price was high especially if you pick one of the more expensive variants, but then it is a mistake to think of those Apple Watch variants as technology products. They’re luxury products for those who can afford them. For most people, the base variant with the sport band will work just fine

Fitbit Trackers Reportedly Riddled With Security Flaws; Company Responds

Fitbit’s fitness trackers aren’t as secure as you would like them to be, a report indicates. Security researcher Axelle Apvrille of Fortinet, a multinational company that is popular for selling security-related gears and services, reported that the Fitbit fitness tracker can be hacked using its Bluetooth radio within 10 seconds. Fitbit, on the other hand, has said that the vulnerabilities reported are false.

Apvrille claims to have been able to manipulate data – such as tweaking the number of steps the tracker had logged. She was also able to use the fitness tracker to deliver code to the computers the tracker connected (synced) to. As she noted (via The Register) at the Hacktivity 2015 conference, an attacker can exploit this vulnerability for injecting malware.

The report further reveals that an attacker can infect a Fitbit device by just being within its 15-feet locus, typical Bluetooth range. Once in, a cascade of attacks can be set in just 10 seconds. The company was informed about some of these vulnerabilities in March, but it seems it hasn’t patched the flaws yet.

The only silver lining in the report is that no exploit that aims to target the vulnerability has been reported as of yet, which suggests that your Fitbit model is likely safe for now. The takeaway from the report is that Internet of Things devices can often offer sub-par security sophistication, as evident from the recent breaches, and it’s an area that the concerned companies should be working on.

Speaking to Forbes, a Fitbit spokesperson said that the company believes the security vulnerabilities pointed out by Apvrille are false. “As the market leader in connected health and fitness, Fitbit is focused on protecting consumer privacy and keeping data safe. We believe that security issues reported today are false, and that Fitbit devices can’t be used to infect users with malware. We will continue to monitor this issue,” the company said.

“Fortinet first contacted us in March to report a low-severity issue unrelated to malicious software. Since that time we’ve maintained an open channel of communication with Fortinet. We have not seen any data to indicate that it is currently possible to use a tracker to distribute malware.”

TataSky Looks to Get More Interactive Services on Board

Direct-to-home operator TataSky is betting big on interactive services to expand its offering as it has plans to have 16 such channels on its platform by the end of this fiscal.

TataSky, which has recently introduced Transfer service for its customers allowing them to watch its recorded feed on handheld devices will add one new interactive service every month till March 2016.

“That is the focus area for us… Now, we are shifting to newer audience, both in cities and rural areas. We need to add more services relevant to those customers,” TataSky CEO Harit Nagpal told PTI.

The company had last week added a new interactive service – Actve Fitness – which allows a viewer to feed details and get suggestions on lifestyle.

“This is just an indicator of the kind of new interactive service that one is likely to see from us. There will be a series like this. Apart from fitness, we are building content on many other subjects. That’s the focus of this year. Almost every month, one new service will come,” he said.

TataSky is running 10 interactive services on subjects ranging from cooking to English, Fun Learn to Javed Akhtar and Smart Manager to Vedic Maths.

Moreover, TataSky, which has over 10 million active subscribers, is also witnessing fast growth from non-urban regions.

“Currently, 60 percent of our subscribers are from the city and 40 percent out of the city. But for new customers, this is reversed. Now, 60 percent of new customers are from out of city and 40 percent from city,” he said.

On 4K resolution channels, Nagpal said it will increase in coming years as its availability would grow. “4K is exactly at a stage at which HD channels were five years before when we had started. We had 20,000 customers and now, we have in millions and 50 HD channels,” Nagpal said.

TataSky has a limited number of 4K subscribers at present, but he said now more and more 4K TV sets are coming and prices are on the way down.

Besides, TataSky, which has shifted to MPEG4 format from MPEG2 by investing around Rs. 800 crores, added 80 new channels on its platform in the past five months by upgrading compression technology.

“Since May to now, we added close to 80 channels on our platform and now we are carrying 400 plus channels,” said Nagpal.

On plans to go for co-production of set-top-boxes, he said: “We are considering that. We are waiting for vendors. My only concern is quality as we take a few years to bring down the failure rate.”

SanDisk launches Connect Wireless Stick mobile flash drive in India

The Stick is capable of supporting a single stream for up to 4.5 hours on a single charge.The Stick is capable of supporting a single stream for up to 4.5 hours on a single charge.
NEW DELHI: Flash storage solutions company SanDisk has launched a new wireless mobile flash drive, SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick in India.

As per the company, the new drive enables easy sharing, transferring and accessing of photos and videos between mobile devices and computers.

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick features higher capacity, up to 128GB, a new app, and compact design.It will initially be available at Flipkart and then extended to other channels in a phased manner by end of December 2015.

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick works with smartphones, tablets and computers and allows users to wirelessly access media or transfer large files; save and share photos and videos; or stream HD videos and music to and from mobile devices – up to three at a time. The Stick is capable of supporting a single stream for up to 4.5 hours on a single charge. With its USB connector, users can also connect directly to a computer to save and transfer files instantly.

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick features an app, the SanDisk Connect app, which enables management of content between users’ devices including, iOS and Android devices; Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets; and Macs and PCs via password-protected Wi-Fi connectivity. Available for download through the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android, the new app also enables other features like auto-back up of photos and videos from the camera roll to the drive.

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick features a two year warranty and will be initially available at Flipkart in capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB at Rs 2790, Rs 3790, Rs 5490 and Rs 9490 respectively.

5 Speaker and Trueplay Calibration Software

Want to put a speaker in a bookshelf or under a chair without compromising sound quality? Wireless speaker company Sonos is releasing a software update that will intelligently calibrate sounds to account for the shape of the room and the obstacles in it.

Users wave their mobile device around the areas of a room where the listener most often is, while the speaker emits a series of blips and tones covering a whole range of frequencies. The app senses where in the room that sound is obscured and compensates using a smart equalizer. While it adjusts levels to create the neutral studio sound the speaker was originally tuned to, a user can later manually raise the bass or make other tweaks.

In a demo for The Associated Press, sound from a Sonos Play:1 speaker positioned under a chair and behind a couch sounded muffled with the software feature off, but crisp and louder with it on.

sonos_play5_press.jpgThe software feature, called Trueplay, will work for millions of users of Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 speakers that have already been sold.

The upgrade currently only works when the app is used with an Apple iPhone or iPad 2 or newer, by utilizing the device’s microphone.

The Santa Barbara, California, company also said Tuesday that it is releasing a new Play:5 speaker that is bigger than the previous model, has touch controls that respond to swipes, and responds to being placed horizontally by widening the sweet spot where listeners can hear in stereo. The new Play:5 costs $499 (roughly Rs. 33,000), which is $100 (roughly Rs. 6,600) more than the previous model. The new speaker comes with two embedded microphones that aren’t functional at launch but could be used in later software updates.

Sonos has helped define a category of speaker that does away with discs and cassettes and instead relies on music streamed from your mobile device, computer or over the Internet via services likeSpotify, Pandora and Amazon Music.

Samsung and Oculus Announce $99 First Consumer Version of Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR headgear powered by Oculus software is already on the market. An improved version will debut in the United States in November at a price of $99 (approximately Rs. 6,500), according to Peter Koo, a Senior Vice President in the Mobile Communications Division of the South Korean consumer electronics titan.

“It is really virtual reality on the go,” Oculus Chief Executive Brian Iribe said of Gear VR. Koo said the price was intended to be affordable enough to make virtual reality “mainstream.”

People are already sharing 360-degree video and playing immersive games using Gear VR headsets, which let the company’s smartphones serve as display screens. The new Gear VR model s 22 percent lighter than its predecessor, more comfortable to wear and has improve controls, according to Koo. The hardware works with the current year’s line-up of Galaxy smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, Samsung Galaxy S6, and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

“Together with Samsung, we’ve redefined virtual reality and created the best mobile VR experience available today,” said Iribe. “On Gear VR, people are playing immersive VR games with friends, sharing 360 video experiences, and teleporting around the world with photos and videos – and it’s only the beginning for what’s possible with mobile VR.”

Samsung Gear VR Specifications
Dimension: 201.9 x 116.4 x 92.6 mm
Weight: 310g
Sensors: Accelerator, Gyrometer, Proximity (Mount/ Unmount Detection)
Field of View: 96 degrees
IPD Coverage: 54 – 70 mm (Fixed Lenses)
Colour: Frost White
Compatibility: Micro-USB connection to the Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+, S6, S6 Edge

Pebble Time Round Is Company’s First Circular Smartwatch

Pebble has introduced its first circular smartwatch, the Pebble Time Round. Priced at $249 (approximately Rs. 16,450) onwards, the smartwatch can now be reserved via the company’s officialwebsite.

The company has announced that the Pebble Time Round will start shipping in early November. It will be available via retail in US and Canada around the same time.Pebble Time Round will ship worldwide via Best Buy, Target, and Amazon. Availability in the UK market starts later this year followed by EU which will receive the Time Round smartwatch in early 2016.

The smartwatch maker claims that the Pebble Time Round at 7.5mm thin and 28 grams weight is the “thinnest and lightest smartwatch in the world”. The smartwatch will be available in a variety of band sizes and designs, as well as watch finishes. The band options include 20mm and 14mm while consumers can also pick a finish including Black, Silver, or a special-edition Rose Gold which will be exclusive to the 14mm band size. Pebble also announced that quick-change bands in genuine leather alongside metal band options will be available later this year.

pebble_time_round_14mm_press_image.jpgThe company claims “days-long battery life” for the Pebble Time Round and it features minutes-quick charging which is said to offer a day’s worth of use in just 15 minutes. The smartwatch will also come with splash resistance.

Pebble is offering exclusive discounts for people who backed a Pebble Time Steel smartwatch in Kickstarter campaign. For Pebble Time Steel users, the company is offering the Round at a discount of $50.

Talking to Mashable, Pebble co-founder and CEO Eric Migicovsky explained how market has changed since the Apple Watch launch. “There is no beating around the bush, Apple has had a major impact on the smartwatch market. I think it’s both good and bad for us, but good because there’s an immense amount of attention on this space and our sales have actually seen an uptick since the Apple Watch launched,” said Migicovsky.

“One of the things I realised when we were coming up with the original Pebble, Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, is that there are different wrists out there. Different shapes and different sizes. As we came up with some these options, we still felt like we hadn’t hit all the wrists – we knew there were some wrists that were just not within our reach – physically,” he added.

Pebble Time smartwatch with e-paper display went up for pre-orders in June at $199.99.