Prevention tips to avoid data lost

There may be chance that your business may shut down due to the data corruption or data loss. There are number of causes for data corruption. Even, a sudden power failure may also cause of data lost or data corruption. Every user must be careful while operating their laptop or computer. It is not necessary that only excel file or document file may corrupt. Users have saved all type of data in their laptop like images, audio, video, graphics, text file, document file, mails, contacts, projects, presentation and other type of data and all type of data may become corrupted.

Some of main reasons for data corruption are:

  • Human error
  • Virus attack Hard disk failure
  • Partition loss
  • Operating system failure
  • Raw partition
  • Non blocking of firewall
  • Accidentally deletion or formatting of your secondary storage device
  • Software downloads from unknown source


While operating your system, you must have to careful so that there will be no data loss. There are some prevention tips to avoid data lost are given in this article. You should follow all prevention tips so that there will be no data loss.

Prevention tips for avoiding data lost are:

  • Keep your laptop or computer always clean and dust-free
  • If your PC gets hot suddenly, take it apart and clean it
  • create backup and save your files regularly, to multiple locations
  • Create an image backup BEFORE the first signs of hard drive failure
  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date and applies scanning on regular basis
  • Don’t open suspicious emails or attachments
  • Don’t delete files you don’t know what are, especially system files
  • Always keep the liquids away from your laptop

You may have data loss or data corruption in your laptop if you did not follow any of prevention tips. Then, you have to need data or file recovery software. Download data recovery software from the internet and install it. No special skills are required to install the recovery software. You may follow the installation guide which is uploaded on the recovery software website. If you have faced any problem during installation then you may contact to customer support. Recovery software finds your lost or corrupted data by searching or scanning your whole laptop.

Data recovery software performs two types of scanning process which are: quick scan mode and deep scan mode. Quick scan mode search data that has been lost before two or three days ago while deep scan mode finds out data that has been lost before one or more week ago. In the deep scan mode, your complete PC or laptop will be scanned and result will be on your screen. Save your file at another location from the previous saved location because there may be chance of overwriting. After saving your file, clear all search result from free data recovery software. Preview option is also available in this data recovery software so that you can check in the result that your lost file has been recovered or not. You will get recover your lost data from all type of storage and media device.

3 Considerations When Buying Car Parts

There’s nothing like the feeling of sunshine on your face as you drive with the top down and the windows open. If your car is in need of parts, however, you might find this happy fantasy popping over your head like a burst balloon. You can’t drive a vehicle that’s falling apart.

The good news is that it’s easier than you might think to find, buy and install new car parts; you just have to be careful when it comes to purchasing the right products and snagging the right prices. If you’re in the market for car parts, here are just three tips for getting a great deal.

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  1. Know What You Need

Maybe you want to replace the whole undercarriage. Maybe you’re just looking for some basic aftermarket truck parts. The key is to know what you need before you start browsing auto parts stores; this will keep you from getting distracted by fancy features, unnecessary upgrades and big-name brands. If you already have a “grocery” list, you can stick to it without deviation.

  1. Think About Buying Used

There’s a common misconception that used parts don’t operate as effectively as new ones, but if anything, the reverse is true. Good auto parts suppliers will put their used parts through a vigorous inspection process to ensure that they’re still operational; new parts are untried and untested, and they’re often sold under nothing more than the assumption that they’ll work. Think about buying used parts to save yourself some money and raise the standard of your purchase.

  1. Mind Your Budget

Speaking of money, budgeting is always important when you’re shopping for car parts. Since prices can run the gamut from ridiculously cheap to hideously expensive, it pays to know in advance what you can afford. The first step to figuring out your price range is to take a look at your finances. How much money is coming into your bank account this month? How much can you set aside for car parts without digging into other things like rent and food? Pay attention to these numbers today to avoid an unpleasant surprise tomorrow.

Don’t give up on your road trip just because you’ve heard funny noises coming from under the hood. Use these tips to locate and install the necessary car parts to get you back in the driver’s seat and ready for adventure.

Practical Tools and Maintenance Strategies for a Microwave

Appliances have a variety of components that must be repaired strategically to boost performance, reliability, and efficiency. In order to tackle simple repair tasks that involve microwave components, special tools will be needed. Although there are many gadgets that can simplify microwave maintenance and repair problems, there are several dependable tools that are worth owning. Once a microwave is operating properly, various preventative maintenance procedures must be implemented on a regular basis.

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Tools for Microwave Repairs

All microwave have bolts that keep important mechanical components protected. The only way to remove the bolts and fasteners is by using various security bits. Because every appliance uses standard bolts and fasteners, one security bit set can be used to repair microwaves by a variety of brands.

Many of the bolts and fasteners that are found along the edges of a microwave are tough to handle after they’re removed with security bits. As a result, these items could easily roll to locations that are tough to access. When these situations happen, a telescoping magnetic tool can grab the items with ease. The magnetic gadget that’s placed on this tool is strong, so it can effectively grab stray bolts or fasteners that are trapped in tough spots.

Preventative Maintenance Strategies

The process of keeping a microwave in peak condition isn’t tough if everyone uses the appliance properly on a regular basis. For example, instead of setting the timer for certain foods, consider heating most meals by using one of the preset cooking times. These presets give a microwave opportunities to heat food efficiently without conserving a lot of energy. This means that the heating elements won’t have to work hard in order to heat up specific foods. If water needs to be heated, avoid using the microwave because the energy that generates in the appliance makes water very hot, and risky situations can happen if the water is spilled.

When proper tools and maintenance techniques are used, simple problems won’t affect a microwave. If  a microwave has a severe problem that involves the electrical components, professional services will be needed because the process of repairing a hybrid combiner is challenging.