An Agile Way to Handle Technology Debt

The members of an engineering team strive to find the best balance belligerently built product abilities and management of technology debt. The technical team hardens the procedure to define and handle this balance from time to time. The current procedures include virtual teaming that works from the feature development in hand to concentrate on the tech debt of a specific product segment. The basic strategy here is to assure that every product segment gets efficient maintenance effort allocation.

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Velocity and Constant Improvement- Ying Yang Approach

If you think of basic business drivers in SaaS model, you wish to attract new clients on board with better specs while keeping the present subscriptions intact by constantly offering a solid solution. The hard work needs for it should be balanced across the company along with product development’s technical planning.

As for an agile startup which is constantly expanding the abilities and offering to meet the demand of the present market and to enter into new marker, there is a big possibility to maintain existing abilities. The obvious result with be a small and subtle enhancement in the tech debt which eventually demonstrates itself in the consumer experience and during the foundation when new specs are designed. Handling P1 and P2 problem isn’t tough- interject the work in progress and find a fix in the next release. However, if the issue undergoes internal testing or a single costumer opinion, it enters a tough pipeline.

One can also check this out from the other end. As tech developers love to hook down the loose ends. The development team has a pure desire to achieve perfection. Leaving loop holes and blemishes is not an option in technical world. Thus, maintaining a balance can extensively cause positive impact on the complete software production.

Throwing tomatoes over the fence isn’t an option

Companies hire a separate maintenance team which is half the size of a feature team. However, this isn’t the correct approach. It is just like one team designing new specs is throwing tomatoes over the fence for the other team to keep a check. .

As an after effect, it releases a loss in the ownership pride of the dev team of someone else handling the bugs. Without an effective interaction, the backstory states why a specific primary approach taken is lost. The basic knowledge isn’t there and thus the efficacy in managing the problem is diminished. And, the maintenance team of less skilled developers can hardly acknowledge the basic problem of the issue, leading to band-aid repair where rework will be required after sometime.

Catch up Sprints

In order to get rid of all the maintenance team issue, you need to hire catch-up sprints to move back from the new spec development and get a hold on debt. Usually it is important and it is great to get all eyes on the deck for specific themes. A catch-up session encompassed one or two themes like UX, performance or operations and the team worked intensively on them. Click here to find out how catch-up sprints work as a reliable solution to get timely and consistent service of tech debt.

Classification of Technical Debt

Technology debt is described as a cumulative result of corners being chopped from a software project’s development and designing. It is an aggregate total of poorly drafted design and execution in a project. Technology debt is also considered as something which makes your code difficult to change.

In the mid of a project, the dev team chops corners because of several reasons like pressure of heading deadlines, shortage of required skills or simply laziness. With time, it causes aggregation of a big backlog of technological ineffectiveness which requires servicing in the future. These problems may be linked to code base, platform, development environment, test coverage, automated testing, design, libraries etc. leading to major defect rates, lower velocity, bad code maintenance and lower productivity. The object to handle tech debt is to be fully vigilant, ignore any usage of shortcuts, and make use of simple design and refactoring unremittingly. Unattended tech debt makes modification of the software costlier than to re-execute.

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Classification of tech debt

This classification can be used in company to select which resources of debt are acceptable and which aren’t and to make use of the details to establish methodology for the prevention of unacceptable behavior.

Prudent and deliberate

It is a class for business drivers who own a convincing ROI for the instant shipment of a product- which means answering to a danger to the business bottom line or misusing a chance which vehemently impacts the bottom line. The situation can be justified under such circumstances:

  • Entering a new market- New to market simply means lower quality and lesser features with higher workarounds
  • Legal requisitions- Acquiescence assignments can involve that not meeting the deadlines could cause hazardous fiscal and operational loss to the business.
  • Peak period significance- Usually, the Christmas season or the New year is becoming the most critical annual cycle part and failure to release during such time may cause a negative impact on the performance of the company.

Reckless and deliberate

This stands for ineffective management where the corners are chopped to meet the deadline which is linked to the supposed operational needs. It is a common cause of tech debt. Some of the circumstances where it can be linked are:

  • Forcing the completion of the project because you have a lot of projects to submit in the pipeline
  • Push the project as the clients wishes to release on a desired date and there is no personal relation with the client to discuss the details and neither the client has been informed about the impact on quality if the same rush is carried.
  • Chopping corners because the development team has been given incentives to submit projects at a specified date.

Reckless and inadvertent

It happens to programmers who are unskilled and unaware of the effects of adding or removing a code. It causes huge tech debt. It has to be cautiously managed by means of tools and processes via pair programming, constant integration, code reviewing and testing automation.

Prudent and inadvertent

It is natural happening. Teams like to improvise on whatever has been once they acquire relevant knowledge and experience.

Tech debt is more like financial debt and you can opt for consolidation to get rid of it. Just like you read credit card consolidation loan reviews to find out about credit card consolidation companies, you should read technology consolidation reviews to find an apt tech debt consolidation company. Check out for the best way to consolidate credit card debt and technical debt so as to make things easy go for you.

9 Easy Tips to Reduce Tech Debt

Lowering testing time and obtain faster feedback via automation. Look out the other advantages of Parallel testing. In order to reduce tech debt, engineers should also acknowledge the significance of continuous alignment and refactoring. Lowering tech debt is a crucial factor of refactoring. Check out the tips for lowering technical in your software possessions:

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  1. Reduce jobless definitions of key domain objects like contradictory and competing definitions of similar domain object in related applications.
  2. Lessen same solutions for little differing business procedures and rather draft common procedure flows.
  3. Relax intensely coupled amalgamation/ transmit logic with business logic
  4. Render constant planning for the execution of cross cutting concerns.
  5. Change your tactical executions for an issues which has a better open source solution
  6. Get rid of redundant methods for the management of configuration info
  7. Complement several, incompatible interfaces and organize them perfectly for domains
  8. Reduce extra coupling with a specific technique or implementation stack
  9. Lastly, design a full0fledged automated tests suite


Some other tips which could help you pave your way out of tech debt includes:

  • Clear out a little debt in every iteration

As you need EMIs to clear out a big loan sum, you require ERIs i.e. Equated Release Installments) to clear technical debt. All you got to do is keep aside a little portion of your earned income in all iteration to concentrate on the payment of entities first. Entities majorly stand for file, class or component related your software production.

A tech debt is majorly affected by debt instances from other spheres like designing. It could be possible that few changes in the designing code could make it testable and lower the tech debt to a big extent. Hence, rather than trying to make the complete repayment in one go, endeavor to repay it with an entity. This procedure is known as horizontal debt payout.

  • Organize and efficient engineering team

The Engineering team at Twitter states that development procedure can be made more effective is the right people are used to work on a product and its development. With an extensive effort of the team, company can tackle tech to a big extent. Technology debt compounds with time. It is good to have few good engineers rather than collecting hundreds of novices and amateurs.

  • Incentives and rewards helps the team to maintain quality

Recognition, incentives and rewards motivate everyone in a company along with the development team. Rewarding people in your tech tam could be a great idea of managing tech debt. Evaluating the bugs fixes are a part of their performance, remunerating your development members motivates a team to pay more attention and render top quality working code.

Undoubtedly, Code quality is a perfect strategic weapon against high tech debt. Rewarding your dev team is very important. It will motivate the other employees to work harder. The management could reward you on the basis of mastery, objective or autonomy. Click here, if you wish to know more on how your team can effectively reduce tech debt.

Professional use of data recovery software

On daily basis profession and technology used in them are getting better and better but with the level of technology issues of handling the traffic have become much complicated. There was a time when less number of people were interested in the services available for them so handling their details and demands was not a challenging thing but now because of easy accessibility the level of demand and traffic rises daily. In today’s date for a successful business you have to have your own server either as a promotional step or to give better accessibility to their customers.


When we launch a new database or a new application we try our level best to increase its users without even focusing on the number of people/users it can handle. When we actually realize the need of enhancement of server the time has already gone and you have already lost data. Losing data and that two of the server is not a joke as there is nothing which can reverse the time and give you time to correct them. If you think so then this piece of writing can bring solution to your problems of data lost.

We tend to add new hardware or software to handle the loads of the server but at times these hardware and software faces failure and this is all because of the incapability to handle the server. All such situations lead to data loss and we think this is something which cannot be reversed.

There is something called EaseUS data recovery software that can help you to access the lost data whether it is on Pc, laptop or server. This means that such software tools are not only good or amongst must-to-haves on personal use level but they are equally important for professional use too. Big companies have their personal server managers that tackle all the server associated issues but this is something that an entry-level company cannot afford. This demands something which is not only cost free but also can be easily run by a non-tech person. Going with free data recovery software  helps you in avoiding extra expenses and helps you in maintaining your server smoothly at least without any tensions of permanent data loss.

3 simple steps to run the data recovery software like EaseUS and recover your lost files are:

  • Launch: After downloading the software of your choice, first and foremost job you need to do is to launch it. For this you have to accept the access permission if that software asks for any and then run it.
  • Scan: After launching data recovery software you have to click on scan button and choose the option you want i.e. quick scan, deep scan, etc. You can go for full scan and also for any partition scan; it totally depends upon your need.
  • Recover: As soon as you run the scan you will be able to see all the previous files. You can save the ones you lost and wanted back.

6 Things Which Your Elder Sibling Has Done For You

You have always been complaining that your elder sibling is a real beast because you parents love him more than you and he has always been you parent’s eye candy. He is considered to be having the best manners and is always A+ on everything that he sets out do, be it studies, sports or any other thing. He is the one who never takes alcohol, never even ends up late night partying and God forbid! There has been absolutely no mention of dating. But you are oblivious of the things which you brother has done it for you.

Your parents were always strict with your eldest sibling. It is because of the strict rules that they have set out in the beginning which gradually tends to mellow down gradually till the time you are born. Hence, you have never seen your brother having fun be it dating or something like flunking in exams.

Brother Sister Bond

No matter whether it was because of the glass which was broken with the latest shot that you had played, your elder sister was held responsible for it. If you flunk the exam, she had to hear scolding from mom and dad because they thought it was your sister’s responsibility to make sure that you study during your exams.


If you are yearning for a better cellphone than your elder sibling your wishes will be entertained by your parents because they don’t want to get into an argument with you and at the same time they automatically tend to lend a patient ear to what you have to say. They don’t consciously do it but it just happens.


Your elder siblings have done things on their own. They have never taken help from anybody and the mistakes that were committed by them which landed them up in a reasonable career, job and house will not be repeated in your case. Thus ensuring that you have the best of the things with you.


As older siblings, you tend to set higher standards for your younger siblings just to teach them that how one should have standards. No might have done it for them, hence they were always underperformers. But they felt that the same shouldn’t happen with you.


Generally, it is the older sibling who wouldn’t say a straight ‘No’ to anything that their parents have asked them to do and therefore, older siblings are generally asked to do all the grumpy work which you wouldn’t have even thought of doing in your dreams.


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