Tips To Help You Increase Your JEE Score By 10%

Charting out a perfect career is the desire of anyone who has just passed out of standard twelve. Someone, who intends to make it big as an engineer will have to cross the initial hurdle of JEE. Referred to as Joint Entrance Examination, it is best defined as a national level examination held in India. It is a common entrance examination to the range of engineering courses. Students who seek admission to the Indian Institute of Technology and National Institute of Technology will have to pass this vital test. Let us get to know more about this basic level engineering entrance examination in India.

The main and the advance option:

A candidate who is eager to sit for the Joint entrance exams has plenty of avenues to choose from. However, it is broadly classified into the main course and the advanced papers. Hence, let us discuss the specifics of the papers in brief.

The main option has two papers:

Students who are preparing for the JEE Main test should realise that the option present two papers and one can sit for any of them. The first paper is for entry to BE/BE Tech Disciplines both for online and offline candidates. However, paper 2 is only in the offline mode and candidates seeking entry to B.Arch and B.Planning courses will have to sit for this paper.

A look at the JEE Advanced option:

One should note that to sit for the JEE Advanced course, it is essential to pass the main course. The advanced course has its criterions and someone who has just passed the main and yet not qualified for the advanced course can seek admission into any of the IIT institutes. Hence, these are the basic types of JEE papers, which an individual may have to go through.

A brief insight on how to excel:

The Joint exams have been held in India for quite some time now and plenty of people have tasted success at these exams. We have spoken to a few of them and tried to analyze what needs to be done in order increase the JEE score by at least 10%. Let us get an insight into some of the tips recommended by people, who have cleared this hurdle successfully.

  • Experts stress upon the need to practice plenty of subjective and calculative questions. Go deep into the questions and try to solve them even if they take up time. The questions are bound to be tough as only some of the brilliant students will get admission to these courses.
  • During the preparation stage one must look to solve MCQ’s in a time bound manner. Use a stop clock if necessary and target at least 100 such MCQ’s on a daily basis.
  • Four to five hours of daily study is a must for someone who has plans to sit for any of the papers in JEE Main 2016. One should at least allocate 3 hours to problem solving and give at least two hours to mug up the theory. Just before going to sleep, it makes sense if one sits down and sums up everything studied throughout the whole day.

A brief summary:

These are a few tips, which we have carefully sourced from people who have successfully passed out the JEE exams at some stage. One must note that some of the best minds in India are looking to secure admission to engineering colleagues and in order to fight of stiff competition, one must at least look to increase the score by 10%. These above mentioned tips certainly help a student to achieve the objective with ease.

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