SMS Coupons: Top Reasons To Start Sending Coupons Via SMS

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, in order to sustain and thrive you must present your clients with something special and extraordinary. And, businesses have found out that nothing can beat the excitement and the type of response that coupons and vouchers create. It is great to receive something for free or at amazing discounted rates once in a while.

People love to receive coupons and vouchers that can assist them save money and providing offers to  clients is an effective way to create a positive business presence. However, when it comes to giving out coupons, ensure you choose to send SMS coupons rather than paper version and here are a few reasons, why:

SMS allows discounts to be made immediately

One of the greatest benefits of using SMS marketing is not just the high read rate (almost 98%), but the read rate within fifteen minutes of delivering (over 90%). This attribute of text messaging gives retailers, restaurant owners and any business who wants to reach targeted customers fast, the ability to make and send offers in a few minutes. Let us suppose you run a restaurant and the weather report indicates it to be a windy day/night on a very busy weekend night. To avoid a cut in business you can effortlessly send an offer that morning- “Don’t let the winds stop you from enjoying our today’s special offer- order one entrée and get another for free!” Unlike paper version of coupons, which need to be prepared well beforehand, text message coupons can be made at any time and meet very time-sensitive, particular marketing requirements.

SMS coupons are cost-effective and easy to launch

Earlier giving out coupons meant investing in hoardings or using expensive direct mail strategies. Email are economical than direct mail, but they take a nice amount of time to build and manage (not to forget a huge number of emails are never read). Sending bulk SMS is a lot more pocket friendly as there is no printing cost or distribution cost involved. Also, smart messaging service are reasonably priced.

SMS coupons can bring new client traffic from traditional media

In general conventional marketing channels look like this to clients- “We are glad to announce the launch of our new services/products. For more details visit our website”. Brand recognition is essential, but capturing your client’s interest is also crucial. Consider this-“We have an amazing new service/product, text now to get 20% off”. Then, a few days later when the client may have forgotten your service, you can send them a reminder via SMS- “Last few days to avail your 20% off”.

Redemption rates of SMS beat all other techniques

Possibly, the most significant outcome of a coupon is its redemption rate. If the client doesn’t redeem the coupon, you won’t be able to increase the revenue. As bulk SMS Services have the maximum read rate of any type of business marketing today, vouchers sent through text message are more often redeemed. Not just your client is more aware of the voucher, but it is also very difficult for them to forget it at home.

So, bid  goodbye to those printed coupons and vouchers, and start sending coupons through SMS to increase redemption and ROI.

Tips To Help You Increase Your JEE Score By 10%

Charting out a perfect career is the desire of anyone who has just passed out of standard twelve. Someone, who intends to make it big as an engineer will have to cross the initial hurdle of JEE. Referred to as Joint Entrance Examination, it is best defined as a national level examination held in India. It is a common entrance examination to the range of engineering courses. Students who seek admission to the Indian Institute of Technology and National Institute of Technology will have to pass this vital test. Let us get to know more about this basic level engineering entrance examination in India.

The main and the advance option:

A candidate who is eager to sit for the Joint entrance exams has plenty of avenues to choose from. However, it is broadly classified into the main course and the advanced papers. Hence, let us discuss the specifics of the papers in brief.

The main option has two papers:

Students who are preparing for the JEE Main test should realise that the option present two papers and one can sit for any of them. The first paper is for entry to BE/BE Tech Disciplines both for online and offline candidates. However, paper 2 is only in the offline mode and candidates seeking entry to B.Arch and B.Planning courses will have to sit for this paper.

A look at the JEE Advanced option:

One should note that to sit for the JEE Advanced course, it is essential to pass the main course. The advanced course has its criterions and someone who has just passed the main and yet not qualified for the advanced course can seek admission into any of the IIT institutes. Hence, these are the basic types of JEE papers, which an individual may have to go through.

A brief insight on how to excel:

The Joint exams have been held in India for quite some time now and plenty of people have tasted success at these exams. We have spoken to a few of them and tried to analyze what needs to be done in order increase the JEE score by at least 10%. Let us get an insight into some of the tips recommended by people, who have cleared this hurdle successfully.

  • Experts stress upon the need to practice plenty of subjective and calculative questions. Go deep into the questions and try to solve them even if they take up time. The questions are bound to be tough as only some of the brilliant students will get admission to these courses.
  • During the preparation stage one must look to solve MCQ’s in a time bound manner. Use a stop clock if necessary and target at least 100 such MCQ’s on a daily basis.
  • Four to five hours of daily study is a must for someone who has plans to sit for any of the papers in JEE Main 2016. One should at least allocate 3 hours to problem solving and give at least two hours to mug up the theory. Just before going to sleep, it makes sense if one sits down and sums up everything studied throughout the whole day.

A brief summary:

These are a few tips, which we have carefully sourced from people who have successfully passed out the JEE exams at some stage. One must note that some of the best minds in India are looking to secure admission to engineering colleagues and in order to fight of stiff competition, one must at least look to increase the score by 10%. These above mentioned tips certainly help a student to achieve the objective with ease.

Tips to Identify and Prevent Stretching Machines Injuries?

Stretching the body and making it flexible is one of the important goals that many fitness freaks like. One of the best equipments that will help you to increase body flexibility is the stretching machines. Every person will lose his or her flexibility as they age. With proper stretching exercises on equipments, you will be able to slow down your flexibility losses. The main reason for back problems is attributed to very tight hamstrings. If you are having an improved range of motion and are flexible, then you will be in good shape.

Main factors to improve body flexibility

There is no doubt that improving the flexibility and the range of motion is not an easy task. Many people fear of injuries and do not feel that they can stretch. This is why they do not engage in stretching activities. But, if you want to maintain your body and do not suffer from injuries when you move your body sideways or bend down, then you need to be flexible. You should work on machines and equipments that will help in stretching to make your body more flexible. Warming up before any stretching activity is utmost important to prevent catching any muscle tear or joint pains or ligament tear when doing rigorous stretching.

Set realistic goals

There is no point in beginning workout on machines that will help in stretching with goals to make your body stretchable by 15 days. This will only create problems or you and you will surely end up suffering from serious injuries. You need to set a realistic goal and try to customize your machine workout in such a way that you achieve the goal. You should only set goals with measured results and this way you can easily become a very flexible person.

Proper stretching techniques

  • One of the most common ways that people suffer from injuries during stretching is because they are not doing it in the right way.
  • It is very important for you to have the right posture for stretching. Otherwise, you would end up suffering from back pain and muscle injuries.
  • You should never put a lot of stress on your lower back when stretching and should target the muscles.
  • It is advisable that you follow the instructions laid by the instructor when working on stretching machines.

Relaxing after stretching

Just like a warm up is necessary before a workout, you also need to cool down your body after the workout. You should find out a way to relax your body and muscles after a rigorous workout. If you do not relax after stretching, then muscles can get sore or even tear as they have had a heavy workout. Give time for the worked out muscles to relax and to make it break free from the stress.


Seek help from trainer

One of the best ways to carry out stretching exercises in perfect order is to seek help from a certified trainer. This will help you to do the right muscle workouts on the machine without giving chances for injuries. With expert advice and guidance, you will not go wrong doing your stretches. Every individual is different and the exercise that is perfect for one might not work for the other. An instructor will guide you to do the stretches that will work perfectly for your body. The right stretch routine will help your muscles to heal properly and in turn avoid all common injuries.


With a little bit of care and attention, you will be able to make your body more flexible and enjoy a full range of motion by working out on stretching machines the right way.

Top 3 Affordable and Cheapest Espresso Maker

One of the most important things you should keep in mind while buying Espresso Maker is that ‘Cheap doesn’t always mean Poor Quality’. Some of the espresso machines listed below is the one of the cheapest machines in the market today. But these are not necessarily low on quality. They do contain some power packed features that could impress you if you bump into the machine. If you are an occasional coffee drinker and not an avid drinker, you can look to buy the products listed below.


Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine

Let’s start the list with the cheapest espresso Machine available in the market today, but it does it packed with a wide range of features to make your cup of coffee a pleasure. The ECMP160 is average in its size and weighs around 17lbs. Still, The ECM160 is the best Steam Espresso Machine outside in the market today.


Some of the widely acknowledged features are:

  • It can deliver upto 4 cups of coffee cups at a single time. It helps in avoiding the hassle of making your coffee again and again.
  • The milk frother is a very powerful feature of the device. It is built inside the device only and gives a control over the froth. Also it is completely removable which allows a proper cleaning of the machine.
  • A measuring scoop and decanter allows us to measure marks and brew and pour things accurately.
  • It also contains a stay cool handle and a drip free pouring sprout.
  • The drip tray is removable and cord storage is present which allows easy cleaning of the machine.

Capresso 303.01 4-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

While the Capresso will be the costliest item on the list, it is still affordable than most of the Espresso Machine out there. The amount of features the Capresso 303.01 offers will prove the machine to be handy considering the small price-tag.

The Capresso 303.01 weighs 7lb only and with dimensions of 9.8”x7.5”x13.2”, it is one of the smallest Espresso Machines out there in the market. It will not require much space on your kitchen self and can be easily kept and stored.

Some of the features of the Capresso 303.01 are:

●     The steam function provides you with the complete control over the temperature at which your coffee will be made. You can easily adjust the strength of your coffee with the help of this function.

●     The machine also includes a swivel frother. The frother has an adjustable steam output which is quite useful to steam the milk in few seconds.

●     The powerful boiler heats up in less than 2 minutes and can create upto 4 cups of coffee under 5 minutes.

●     The Capresso 303.01 also comes with a dishwater safe carafe. Also the drip tray is removable which is quite useful for easy cleaning of the Machine.

●     The Espresso Machine also includes boiler caps alongside a built-in safety valve. Also, a filter holder with thumb guard is attached to the machine to make it safe to use.

BELLA 13683 Espresso Machine

The Bella 13683 is of the same price range of the previous two items listed above which enables it to sneak it into almost everyone’s budget. It weighs a measly 5lbs making the Bella Espresso Maker one of the tiniest machines available in the market. But make no mistake about it; the Bella 13683 does pack a powerful punch in it.

Some of the important features of the Espresso Machine include:

●     The Bella Espresso Maker includes a steam wand which quickly warms up and froth milk much quicker than most machines.

●     The Steaming function allows the cup of coffee to remain warm even a couple of minutes of keeping it aside.

●     Most of the parts of the Bella 13683 are dishwasher safe which is a great help to cleaning the machine easily.

●     The removable drip tray and the steam pressurized safety valve cap helps in preventing accidental leaks or spillage on the machine.

Final Say:

Buying things in a budget should not restrain you from buying the best available items available in the market. There are a lot of espresso machines available in the market for every need and budget. We have listed above the cheapest and the most affordable Espresso Machine which are being widely acknowledged in the market today.


How to Choose Service Providers for TV Bundles

The cost of home communication services i.e. internet, TV and telephone, have been rising over the years. Now, trends show that these prices will continue rising. TV services especially have increased and are set to continue to rise in 2016.


This has been a source of frustration for many subscribers to these services. However, a Consumer Reports survey has shown that those who chose to bundle the services are reaping many benefits, including lower monthly bills for their services.

Here’s how you can get a good deal on TV bundles:

  • Assess your current services

We often pay a lot of money for services we hardly use. If you want to save money, it would be a good idea to start by assessing your current services. Do you really use your landline? If not, you may be better off without this service. What services do you use? What services can you do without? Do you watch all those channels on your current TV package?

Simply scaling back on your current services can mean significant savings. If you stream more videos than you watch TV, you could opt for higher speed internet and a basic TV package for example.

  • Search for bundle offers

Comparison websites have come a long way. In the past, they only provided comparisons for TV individual services. However, they now provide comparisons for bundles. You can therefore compare bundles on a comparison site and save lots of time in searching for the best bundle.

It is important to visit the websites of the service providers to find out more about their bundles and packages. This ensures that you understand exactly what they offer within the bundles.

  • Take advantage of offers and discounts

Many service providers give discounts as introductory offers for new subscribers. These are great opportunities for you to save money. You should, however, be careful to study the terms and conditions of these offers and discounts. Ensure that what you will be paying for the services when the offer period ends will still save you money.

Avoid being taken in by offers simply because they sound too good to be true. Assess the details of the offer and what is included in the bundle. Ensure that it meets your needs.

  • Change providers

Change your service providers if you find a better deal. Ensure that the service provider you are opting for offers services within your location. Making this switch is easy. You simply need to contact your current service provider and notify them of your decision to change service providers.

It is important to have gone through your contract before contacting the service provider. Find out if you have to pay some fee for opting out of the contract before its completion. Find out if you have to return any equipment.

  • Negotiate

You may be able to negotiate your way to a great deal on your bundle. This takes some skill. You will also need to know what offers and deals are available in the market. You can ask your service provider to match the deal and hopefully get a discount for your efforts.

Creative Book Gadgets For Book Lovers!

If you are a book fanatic, you are bound to love these gadgets:

Nap massaging bed rest

Are you wondering what is nap massage chair doing in this post? Well, ask book lovers what is the biggest struggle they relate to while reading books and you will get “pain in back” as the most popular answer. Reading a good book is so addictive that most people find it hard to put it down and end up causing pain in their backs and hands because of holding it continuously. A nap massaging bed rest will make reading books a truly pleasing experience. It has been designed in such a manner that it fits any bed properly and also supports all body sizes and shapes. It even holds LCD light to throw light on your book. How awesome is that!


Prism glasses

For book lovers, no day is ever complete without having read a few pages of books. But what happens when they are too tired and want to read a book while laying down? It can be a challenging task given the fact that eyes start to pain and hands get tired from holding the book. Enter “prism glasses” into action! Wear these glasses and save yourself from trouble while reading a book when resting on bed. These prism glasses are equipped with lie-down periscope glasses to simplify things for you.


Kindle paperwhite

How many times has it happened that you wished to carry 3-4 books with you every day and rotate between them during your commute time? I am guessing that the number might be too high to remember. Say hello to Kindle Paperwhitewhich can be your own portable library. Kindle paperwhite is an ebookreader via which you can get access to unlimited number of books. It is very light-weight in nature so that you do not feel uncomfortable while holding it even when standing. No more stuffing of books inside your bag with a Kindle by your side! Thanks to amazing Amazon coupons, you can now purchase it at discounted prices with the bonus of Cashback.


Walterdrake book pillow holder

It’s Sunday! You have a plan to take a mini vacation by getting lost in one of your favourite books. You lie down on bed and start reading the book. Only some minutes have gone by when you can feel pain developing in your hands as well as neck. Give them a rest by getting hold of Walterdrake book pillow holder. The adorable book holder will hold your book so that you don’t end up with tiring hands while holding the book.


Reading light lamp

Reading light lamps are a boon for people who want to read late at night without disturbing their partner or other situations which require on your part to read without causing problem for others. It will help you read comfortably without straining your eyes in the dark. Plus they are a great travel-friendly option as they are usually light-weight in nature. So you can carry these reading lamps on your trips too. By using eBay coupons present on CashKaro, you can purchase one at the finest deal.


Lightwedge original book Light Ocean

For those who only want light to be thrown on a book and not the surrounding areas, lightwedge original book Light Ocean is a fabulous gadget. You can clip it on the side of the bookso that it emanates light only on those pages of the book. With it, you can be assured of your entire room not lighting up. Isn’t it wonderful?


Hope these gadgets make it to your “To-buy” list and prove to be immensely useful for you.

Get the Exciting details about the Xperia X Performance

The Sony Xperia is a range of smartphones that have surely taken the market by storm thanks to their sophisticated design and stunning interiors that gives performance like no other. Be it the Xperia Z or the Xperia C, it is hard to refute that they surely are one of the classiest range of smartphones in the market. Sony launched three new Xperia phones- the Xperia XA, Xperia X and Xperia X Performance, all aimed at smoothening customer satisfaction. You can make use of ebay coupons to get the latest prices on leading Xperia models to get home the best one!

Check out the stunning details about the brand new Xperia X Performance that will surely amaze you:

Design and Construction


The X Performance has been designed and tailor-made to suit your requirement and looks extremely polished and sophisticated with a beautiful 5 inch display and curved glass edges to give it that superior finesse. The phone looks extremely high class and feels good to hold and use giving good responsiveness clubbed with good looks. With a premium metal finish, you surely can’t complain when it comes to looks and feel. The phone feels easy to use weighing just 5.8 oz. making it very comfortable to handle.



The phone offers a stunning 5 inch Full HD display with 1080p which is further integrated with the latest Triluminos display for mobiles- a feature which is otherwise found on the famous BRAVIA televisions. The phone makes every angle come to life and images appear well lit, bright and you get some of the most stunning viewing angles out of the phone to give you viewing experience like never before. Make use of shopclues coupons to browse through a range of Sony Xperia models to get your hands on the one that suits you best.



The Xperia X Performance has some really good internals that give you productivity and multitasking which is unmatched by most phones in the market. The phone runs on an advanced Snapdragon 820 chipset that provides functionality and speed when it comes to performance. Additionally, the phone has a 3GB RAM which takes on multitasking to give you lag free output. The phone surely gives smooth overall performance with such strong configuration. The phone also has 32GB internal memory built which can be expanded up to 200GB for you to carry files no matter where you go. These surely are some of the best internal configurations seen in the market.



The Xperia X Performance boasts of a strong camera set up that could put some advanced cameras to shame. It has a 23MP Primary Camera with the speed of capturing images in less than 0.6 seconds allowing you to capture every fleeting image in crisp clarity so you never have to miss life’s precious moments again. The autofocus and image stabilisation has state of the art technology to give you nothing but the best. The phone also has a brilliant front facing 13MP selfie camera which can add a spark even to low lit conditions to give you sharp and clear output every time. Now get sharper and clearer photographs with every click.



The Xperia X Performance is all set to be launched with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system which will come with a variety of upgrades in its own sense. As for battery output, the phone has 2700 mAh battery which surely give good battery backup and the company claims the phone can give up to two days battery and will have a variety of battery saving modes. With the latest features such as finger print sensor, NFC, 4G LTE and much more, this phone surely packs in powerful performance.

Be sure to get your hands on the all new Sony Xperia X Performance which is already garnering quite a buzz around the tech world!