New 3DS Cover Plates Available In Nintendo’s Online Store

3ds caseNintendo knows how to market their items. It’s one of the things that has kept the company alive for decades. Who else but Nintendo could get gamers to buy the same old console a few times over? And fans of Nintendo don’t mind. Well, if you have that new smaller 3DS, Nintendo is now offering interchangeable cover plates for it.

You might as well make your 3DS unique and customize it. No one wants a boring game console and you don’t want yours to look just like everyone elses. It’s all good. The big N has you covered. Pun intended. Nintendo 3DS owners in North America no longer have to import these cover plates from Japan. Now they are easily available via Nintendo’s online store.

These new cover plates cone in several designs and styles, like Kirby, Pikachu and more, plus several color and pattern options. The selection is a bit limited right now compared to Nintendo of Japan’s selection of over 60 cover plates, but this is a start. These cover plates retail from $9.99 to $16.99, depending on the design. The selection is sure to grow over time so that there are styles for every taste. So go ahead and dress that console up.

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